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20,000 members reached before Round 1 for the first time

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Good news; reckon a few have the new gurnsey too....

I wonder what proportion are ticketed

This is a good effort and I predict that by next year we will go ahead of the bunnies for membership numbers.

When you consider we had not made the semis until last year since 2009 and we have not won a premiership since 1986 this is a good outcome for the club with plenty of upside to come

We're running 3rd behind Bronco's and Bunnies according to the NRL


Not bad and no reason we can't split them.

Pretty embarrasing numbers for both Tigers and Saints as merged ventures.

Titans have 5800 members, they won't last another year

Shift the Titans and make them the second team that Brisbane should have, and that number becomes 20,000 pretty quickly.

I'm pretty sure they slipped a zero into the Roosters number. It's meant to read 1,256.


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