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After being 14-0 up, Parra get dominated. 24-14 down. No-one to blame but the players.

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Physically dominated
It has been a gutless second half performance by parra. Put the hard yards in early on then expect the game to be handed to them. Our bench forwards got absolutely dominated
Or maybe the second half penalty count. There's no way Moses should have been binned, and what was wrong with the Kane Evans play the ball?
Disagree re Moses being binned. That sort of play should be binned, week in, week out - it’s a professional foul... should it be 5 minutes, instead of 10... perhaps.

Agreed. Those tactics suck. He deserved the bin. If someone had held us out like that I'd expect the same. 

Yeah that's a bin everyday.

Fair enough binned.
Yep, 20 minutes of football generally won’t win you the game. Mediocre performance. Thankfully, it’s only Round 1. Although, in saying that I’d have preferred it, if we’d banked those 2 competition points.

We have banked 2 and got the spoon so it isn't the end of the world. Need a much improved performance next week though.

They definitely looked a bit unfit and the heat seemed to really get to them. Strange game. Unlike most I was expecting a loss (no, as I've said I don't believe media crap about Penrith), but when we came out and were so dominate I thought we were looking at huge win. So disappointed. I'd rather the players didn't tease us with that early form.

shame shame shame we haven't learn a thing leading 14to 0 and getting beat again thing  has not change at all still old parra

My brother is a Panthers fan, I'm at his place watching the game. I was pretty confident at 14-0 up. Now I have to deal with his shit.....,


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