Transgender nrl players

I find it disturbing how the nrl has lifted the band aid off, and has ruled out transgender people from playing footy. I feel there should be a sprinkle of every sexual orientation throughout all sports and specially the wnrl and nrl.They seem to have a strong cult with religion throughout all sports. Why should your sexual orientation be any different.? I think this is the perfect time to get onboard for sponsors in the LGBTQIA community to feel welcome in the NRL. It would bring millions more dollars to the game and corporate sponsors,.It’s just my thought any way.What are your thoughts?

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  • On what basis do you opine " it will bring millions more  dollars to the game and corporate sponsors " ?

  • Super would love this blog

    • Hi Frankie Fong, who is this super ? Is he a transgender Eels supporter? I'm so glad the eels have a trans follower, I hope everyone treats him with dignity and respect, kudos to you super! I hope you can comment on my blog and discuss what your thoughts on this subject. 

  • There would be many LGBTQIA big hitters throughout the community, I feel  they would love nothing more to feel welcomed and suppprted in mainly male dominated sport. 
    There are so many whining supporters who think the half time entertainment is atrocious, imagine the talent of vocal artist out there who have a different sexual orientation and could express them selves into the community for young and vibrant young males and females out there to not hide and be who they want to be. You could have the all sorts of flags n the stadium as well as the eels flag, the Eels could also adopt and LGBTQIA symbol on their jersey. 
    I really think this would be a great opportunity for the nrl and Parramatta to bolster what they are, we would be seen on the world stage as a new beginning for all sports.

    • I would just like to see the return of full strength beer with added attraction of bar waiters bringing it down the aisles between stadium rows . 

      • Drizza, exactly! even if they  do hire transgender bar staff to serve and deliver drinks, no one should feel excluded in their occupation.

        • Exactly Ms Wong . I can't wait to read Mr Fong's response to your posts . 

  • I find it totally hypocritical. How can they tell everyone that trans " women " are actually women but then exclude them from women's sport ? It's either one or the other.   Let's not forget , it was women who came out in the first place and demanded these blokes are included in their sports and any straight white man who disagreed were transphobic bigots.  Now fuck me dead if us transphobic bigots were right all along , these dudes are excelling at being women so the women want them out lol.  

    It's almost as if the straight white men who said trans people need their own events and toilets were correct and the flag waiving social justice Warriors who shouted us down for their own self gratification were horribly wrong . 


    You know what,  I'm against this new ruling  now and I think women should have to live with what they sow. Let the trannies show them true equality by competing in women's sport. 

  • No thanks. Sick of hearing about pronouns and the confused. 

    • You do realise the only way to be rid of it once and for all is to let the loonies battle it out for the biggest victim card. This is exactly what's happening.  Make them live with their choices. 

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Elvis_the_eel replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Stuart to Face a Ban
"One Raider's fan  posted on their site that the Raiders club should receive the harshest possible punishment.  Their suggested punishment was being forced th extend Ricky's coaching stint by 5 years.  
I thought it very funny!"
2 minutes ago
adnan replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
8 minutes ago
paul taylor replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"WE have to play direct through the middle, off loads and then give Dylan and co room to square up his opposite.  Seriously dont know how we stop their signature plays.   If Waqa stays out and JA and Penisini slide we are a chance. Fractured line and…"
31 minutes ago
Nightmare Off-Season replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Bingo, Mutt.
I think Jake is going to have a tough night also, Latrell is going to be coming at him at full speed all night. Ice will need to be a body guard."
1 hour ago
Nightmare Off-Season replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"We defend as we did against Manly in the second half. No matter what is happening inside, Sivo & Waqa didnt jam in, they slid & gave time for Penisini & Opacic to cover. Saab had 4 line breaks in the first half, and zero in the second after BA made…"
1 hour ago
Muttman replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Slide. Souths rarely hit the lead runner and almost always play out the back to a very deep backline. No need to jam in. Souths want you to jam in, they're banking on it. Move up and slide, they'll run out of room."
1 hour ago
adnan replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"wrap around play on our right hand side is where most of the points come from"
1 hour ago
Speech replied to Speech's discussion The new rule in NRL is kick do not punch
"then change the training. He lashed out twice with his boot. Rub it out of the game. Scrap for how much you run in yardage not for how many kicks you can get in."
1 hour ago
Jason replied to ParraTrooper47's discussion Stuart to Face a Ban
"Article written by the same guy that bullied his workmate on the radio until he quit.
Same guy that thinks ricky just needs a fine and that will teach him but was fined so many times for drink driving they eventually had to suspend his license just…"
1 hour ago
xxRustyxx_69 replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Pass to Sivo and hope for the best. "
1 hour ago
Adam Magrath replied to adnan's discussion Game Vs Souths
"Hope and pray "
1 hour ago
Brett Allen replied to Muttman's discussion Brett Kenny - Sunday Night with Matty Johns
"Exactly "
1 hour ago
Brett Allen replied to Muttman's discussion Brett Kenny - Sunday Night with Matty Johns
"He grew up in NZ as a rugby union player, why would've he'd heard of Brett Kenny, or any other Eels player from 30 years ago ?
Do you think Sam Walker had ever heard of or knew much about Russell Fairfax or Latrell Mitchell had ever heard of Eric…"
1 hour ago
BEM replied to Parra fan on The Hill's discussion Waqa on the wing = King
"Spot on.
There is no way in hell Simonsson would have scored that try on Friday. He wouldn't have even caught the pass from JA.
Opacic as a far better centre than Blake to."
1 hour ago
Frank The Tank replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion S&W and future of JA-BA
"Don't worry he will be back.
Probably just taking a break......if I were him I'd come out post like nothing happened. Stuff em."
1 hour ago
Brett Allen replied to Speech's discussion The new rule in NRL is kick do not punch
"No, players are trained to scrap for every inch. Quick play the calls are the holy grail to success. He wasn't kicking out, he was attempting to get the tacklers off him. "
2 hours ago


Stuart to Face a Ban

Why league great says there is ‘no option’ but to ban Ricky as ugly spray exposes NRL’s big problem There are calls for Canberra coach Ricky Stuart to be stood down for the rest of the season with the NRL reportedly conceding fines are “not really…

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