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  • I've read that it's being rated by many as one of the worst ever. The reviews have been terrible and there have been alot of walkouts and demands for refunds - ouch!

    I have to admit I'm not Will Ferrell's biggest fan - he can be a bit hit and miss and tends to be better in cameo - type rolls. His performance in Wedding Crashers was outstanding - ""Ma! . . The meatloaf! . . . F*ck! . . ."

    • Anchorman was outstanding, Talledega Nights & Blades of Glory were also great, Step Brothers was OK for the first hour, and yes his cameo in Wedding Crashers was brilliant, but other than that a lot of his stuff falls a bit flat. 

      • Don't forget Old School. Will Ferrell as Frank the Tank was brilliant.

        Also Elf, which will remain one of the classic Christmas movies.

        • I never saw Old School or Elf.

          Anchorman was his high water mark, it's a pity that they had to ruin it with the God awful sequel.

        • Good point Elvis - Old School was class :)


  • The best Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. They made 14 Holmes movies and they are all addictive. Watch these two below and you may go looking for the other 12 to watch


  • horribly BAD movie. I fell asleep.

  • Haven't seen it and by the sounds of it think I'll give it a miss. Hope Netflix doesn't get it!

  • Hey Sneaky, I hope you don't mind, but I think it would be a great idea to have a single long-running for movie and television reviews and discussion, and given you've given us a great start, I've hi-jacked your blog for this purpose!

  • Kids are wanting to see Aqua Man. Should I bother?

    Read very mixed reviews on it?

    What's the best New Year movies to go and see?

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MontoEel replied to Brett Allen's discussion Is the 8 already decided ?
"I don't think the top 8 are necessarily already set in concrete. Anything can happen in 16 weeks. The Broncos or the Rabbits haven't been that impressive so I agree with you there Brett. I'm also not sure about the Storm to be honest. I am also stil…"
10 minutes ago
Frank The Tank replied to Chuck Norris.'s discussion 4 from 4 but far from perfect.
"We were definitely the better side and the stats back it up. We were all over them for at least 60mins, let's hope BA rams home that fact and makes them understand that we play for 80 not 60...
Where we went wrong at the end was that field goal by M…"
12 minutes ago
Bup replied to Nz Eel's discussion Nathan Brown
"These new rules suit aggressive forwards with big motors who play big minutes.
Nathan Brown will kill it when he's back, he loves running the angle back in behind the play the ball exactly what destroys defensive units with the six again rule.
14 minutes ago
Mick replied to Brett Allen's discussion Is the 8 already decided ?
"lol shit I forgot about Manly 1. Eels 2 Roosters 3. Raiders 4. Manly 5. Storm 6 Panthers 7 Newcastle 8 Souths"
15 minutes ago
Muttman replied to Chuck Norris.'s discussion 4 from 4 but far from perfect.
"Actually no I don't. What I've seen from the 2020 Eels is patience that I've not seen previously. They know they need to earn the right to attack, even if it takes 70 minutes. Field position, possession, line speed are the foundations and for 50 min…"
20 minutes ago
Brett Allen replied to Brett Allen's discussion Is the 8 already decided ?
"You don't have Manly in there ?
I mean, sure if they were to lose DCE, the brothers or any of their key forwards for an extended period of time, but wow."
23 minutes ago
Brett Allen replied to Nz Eel's discussion Nathan Brown
"That's the point, it is a small issue. Yes it does need addressing, but having a player who wants to be involved is not a bad thing, it just needs to be tempered."
26 minutes ago
Muttman replied to Nz Eel's discussion Nathan Brown
"I commented on this when the season started. He's got a bit of the Gallen's about him. He does have a tendency to overcall the ball and it can kill the momentum in attack. It's a small issue easily fixed but it is an issue that needs addressing. "
32 minutes ago
Mick replied to Brett Allen's discussion Is the 8 already decided ?
"The 8 is taking shape, the cowboys and broncos are gone. The bunnies have been playing well in patches once Cody walker and James Roberts return they will be a real threat.  The 8 will look like this imo, 1. Eels. 2. Roosters 3.Raiders 4.Storm 5.Pan…"
39 minutes ago
Cumberland replied to Wile E. Coyote's discussion The forward pass and public/media perception
"I would like to see physics taken out of this scenario and use lines as markers to judge whether the ball has gone forward or not. We don't have players travelling at 100 km per hour so they need to adjust their pass so it arrives at its destination…"
50 minutes ago
Mick replied to Gray Fox's discussion Eels vs Manly 3, 2, 1
1.Jennings "
1 hour ago
Cumberland replied to Nz Eel's discussion Nathan Brown
"I'd have to concur with Poppa on this topic. Someone disagrees with a post and are immediately labelled with having no idea. Half the team know or say something about Brown claims the writer knows the thoughts of every player. 
as said in a previous…"
1 hour ago
Brett Allen replied to Brett Allen's discussion Is the 8 already decided ?
"I agree, that's why I qualified my statement at the very beginning, but maybe because of the shorter season it just feels like more teams than usual are already well off the pace. I do think the top 4 will be as I said, and I think Manly are definit…"
1 hour ago
ParramattaLurker replied to Brett Allen's discussion Is the 8 already decided ?
"Probably too early to say but 16pts will likely get you a spot in the 8. 18pts definitely gets you in. Where in our case & possibly Canberra by the end of the day will both be on 8pts.
Newcastle have a few tough games over the next few weeks where t…"
1 hour ago
Poppa replied to Nz Eel's discussion Nathan Brown
"I love absolutes, ....Half his teammates knows it ?? He holds his teammates up....??  players are calling for it?? they can see what NB cant??  ....Known Fact.. ???
You must be very close to the team to know all these things??
Maybe we should just s…"
1 hour ago
Brett Allen replied to Nz Eel's discussion Nathan Brown
"So you now know what his teammates are thinking ? 
He doesn't pass the ball ? He is one of our best ballplaying forwards, if anything he looks to pass too much. He needs to be more direct and take on the lline more often. I didn't see Marata Niukore…"
1 hour ago


Is the 8 already decided ?

Clearly this blog is in the "going off too early" category, but does anyone else feel that the 8 is in effect, if not in fact, already decided ? I get that there is still 16 rounds to play, but is there a real contender to make the 8 that is not…

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6 Replies · Reply by MontoEel 10 minutes ago

Nathan Brown

Yes he is close to our best forward and has been for a few years. But do you think our forwards play better without him? It seems he takes 2 runs every set and the other guys can't get into the game. It's just an observation and I hope he kills and…

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18 Replies · Reply by Bup 14 minutes ago

The good, the bad and ugly

I'm really impressed with how we are travelling the postive news is there is room for improvement. The kicking game especially from Reed was pinpoint the little fella is adding more strings to his bow - Turbo was labouring have to retrieve the ball…

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18 Replies · Reply by Poppa 3 hours ago

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