Drumph and Iran.

Thoughts? Did ol' Donnie Drumph go for the oldest panacea in the failing popularity playbook and start beating the drums of war to distract from impeachment?

Surely the U.S. won't actually go to war against someone who can actually give them a military run for there money?

If Iran blockades the strait of hormuz and cuts of the oil supply, is that enough provocation to goad a populous still weary from the protracted shitshow in Iraq into another war with no real objective?

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  • Trump is trying to divert attention from his impeachment. It's also a method used to try and shore up his base leading into the election later this year. Leaders very rarely get ousted if they're at war.

    But that being said. This move is already unpopular with the American public - even parts of his base - given Trump ran on a platform saying he'd bring all troops home. 

    • Talk about shoring up his  base. I just saw on the ABC a short clip of Trump on stage surrounded by around 15 people in a prayer circle.  They all with their hands on Trump or each other, heads down and praying.  The guy on the end was a preacher with a microphone leading the prayers.  

      Trump didn't, however, have his head down he was head up grinning from ear to ear.  Seriously you couldn't make this stuff up.



      • The big concern is that we are already bombarded with so much misinformation already and people choose their news media input only from selected sources. I have already had emails sent to me about justifying this type of confrontation from people who eat and breath this type of input and nothing will make them view this in an objective manner. Very difficult to process information these days because they can present as very convincing. I haven,t thought about this new encounter as raising the stakes in an attempt to distract impeachment. . Really scary stuff if it is and has to make you wonder about the general mental health of people in power and what motivates them for seeking power without compromise.I still remember the way the war in Iraq started and the costs with that.

        • Here we go.

          I watch all types of media including free to air and online. Trust me the media aren’t honest. They tell you what their masters want you to know - end of story.

          You only digest all the crap about trump from main stream media who have been proven that without a shadow of a doubt that they’ve been lying about trump and Russia now for 3 years. I don’t call that researching for yourself, I call that blindly believing what you’ve been told to like all good brain washed lefties do. You think the media tells the truth? They are the mouth pieces of today’s left.

          Even so called online lefty contributors like Tim Poole and Jimmy Dore are critical of the lefts obsession with Russia and are now calling it a hoax and was so from the very beginning.

          Do some research yourself and you may just realise that Trump was the victim of espionage and he was not involved in any so called collusion.

          The investigators of Trump were the ones behind the coup and it will all come out this year. You won’t hear it on the ABC or SBS but you can bet your two hairy ones he will be proven correct.

          • 3812717176?profile=RESIZE_710x

            Heard about this book Frank? It's worth a holiday read.

            • Magpie there is a documentary on Netflix called "the great hack" on Netflix which also covers Cambridge Analytica and how the huge Industry of misinformation works. I also posted a link on the SBS on Demand site called The Experimenter which is a brilliant introduction into Social science studies about human behaviour and how good people comply to Authority commands which they feel very uncomfortable with and how they are unable to control this natural human behaviour. We can all learn from this.

              • OUR AWARENESS IS THE FIRST STEP IN OUR LIBERATION great quote from Stanley Millgram studied by first-year Psychology students around the world--"Experimenter".

            • Yes watched a fair bit on this.

              Never read it though.

              I think the assertions that are made pretty much exaggerated. Or at least you can say that this sort of ability to gather voter information was available to both candidates, maybe Hillary was too arrogant to think she'd need it and Trump thought I can use every bit of help I can get. He was hungrier she was living off the Clinton name

              Trump won because Hillary was as corrupt as fuck and everyone knew it, except for the maybe the brainwashed idiots living in their major cities, and it showed with the electoral college results.


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