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500 Members! Woohoo

Well yesterday we actually cracked that 500 member mark with Ryan Bownds thankfully just getting in, in front of 'Eels98'. Hitting that mark before the end of season was my Big Hairy Audacious Goal for the site this year and I'm quite stunned we've g

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Well done Jono!

Really, really glad to see Jono Wright come out and have a good game. I must admit, I was very worried that his defence was going to get exploited today and he had a few dusty moments, but he ended up having a great game and I hope shut up a few of h

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New to 1Eyed Eel - Status updates

Happy to announce the latest feature to come to 1Eyed Eel is status updates. Just click on the My Page link and you'll be able to post a status update or a link. How I hope the status updates will be used is, it means you don't necessarily have to po

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Need a ticket? Let me know

Hey folks. Sunday's game is now basically a sell-out with only a few single seats left in the most expensive section. I still have general admission tickets, so if you want to go to the game please let me know. We need as many Eels supporters as poss

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