Jai Camilleri, a powerful running back and linebacker in American football, was recently named MVP at the national schoolboy gridiron championships after starring for Queensland and chosen in the Australian merit team.

But league has always been the 18-year-old hooker's first love and when the Eels offered him a trial, he didn't hesitate.young-gun-jai-camilleri-turns-down-nfl-dream-to-sign-trial-deal-with Parramatta


This copied from an article by the Mole but I suggest you do your own reserch.  What does this mean.... well maybe we have talent scouts looking further and wider than we may have realised?


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  • That's the third MRL player. We have Ryley, Farrugia and now Jai.

    They all look like fine prospects, especially Farrugia.

    • Didn't know, any further history you can give us princy, the only reason I published this was the "scouting" aspect......do we have someone connected here or is just a randum process?

      • I'm really not sure Pop. I guess we must be establishing a relationship with that community. 

        The US Football aspect to this story is simply clickbait, reads to me like he is a footy player who gave Gridiron a crack, had fun, and did well against other amateur AU kids, and that's all.

        Checkout Farrugia on Youtube, he is very promising, he looks to have developed his adult body now so I wouldn't be surprised if he is in the mix for the development spots next year, Fast, Big and can Goal kick.

        • I think that is good analysis JB. He is a good League player experiencing NFL with other kids with little or no Gridiron experience.

           I will be interested to watch his progress. Seems like a level headed kid.

          • I am very intrigued with the amount of Hookers we are bringing into our pathways. More so Hookers that could play Lock as a 14. Something we have lacked is that Brandon Smith/Jazz Tevaga type on the bench.

            • Yeah it is interesting 






              I wonder if Yates was tapped on the shoulder.


              • Well Yates was a tweener, meaning he did not have a position that suited him to a tee. Yates was fine at Hooker but had a basic pass on him. He was fine as a 6 or 7 but kicking game was basic. He was fine as a Lock but not big enough to make an impact.

                He was a great tackler and had heart, but he just was not suited to one position, he did not play one position great. His versatility is valuable in NSW Cup though. But his passing was ok, didn't have much speed and kicking game was sub par.

                He was a bit like Kaysa Pritchard in that he was a Lock in a Hooker's body.

        • Do you recon all three will play sg ball next year 

          • Ryley is ready for NSW Cup.

            Farrugia SG Ball I think yep. He starred in Harold Matts.

    • The future of MRL is strong.

This reply was deleted.

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