Would you sign any bulldogs players?

If bulldogs pay some of the freight, i would go for:


corey allen, i think he could re-ignite his career with us and we need outside backs

Jack hetherington, i know he is a hot head, but he goes hard and would add to our pack

Luke thompson, i rate him and i think he can fill a hole for us with papalii and nuikore leaving.


Who would you go for?

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  • Luke Thompson for half the price definately.

  • JAC - we need speed! Bulldogs can pay half for 3 years.

  • Mahoney 

    • perfect

    • Haha

  • Non realistically that would be a likely hood to move.Thompson nope we've already got our money tied up in that position.Theyve got nothing we need.

    • Canterbury would be paying half his deal, imagine a rotation of Thompson, RCG and Paulo, even putting Thompson at Lock. My word.

      • It would mean you'd have almost 2 mill tied up in 3 front rowers and one would be coming off the bench.

        Nope id go with Rodwell and Grieg.

        Can't overspend like that in that position.

        Also BA seems to get the best out of these types.

        • Fair enough, though Thompson for 1 year? maybe. But i do not have an issue with Grieg, though wish he was playing more.

    • You wouldn't want JAC ?

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