• What NRL appointed board? Parra is owned by its members and they are the ones who will appoint the board, once the club is no longer in administration. It is the Office of Gaming and Liquor who essentially appointed the current temporary board.

    • Don't you think the N.R.L. would have been consulted before they appointed people with the required experience The N.R.L. wanted to get rid of the previous board and might have used the Office of Gaming and Liquor as a means to achieve it.

      • No, the board was appointed by Max Donnelly. The NRL has no role in it.

        • Brett, Don't you think that Max would have consulted the N.R.L. The N.R.L. started it all with their investigation of the salary cap and would not have remained hands-off in subsequent proceedings.Its the N.R.L. and not Gaming and Liqor board who control the clubs.

          • No I don't think they would've Keith, the NRL have zero leverage where the Eels are concerned. We aren't the Dragons or the Tigers who owed the NRL money, they have no power to dictate anything to us.

            I have no doubt that Greenberg spoke to Max informally at some stage to ensure things were heading in the right direction, but I very much doubt that Max consulted the NRL in any way.

            • Brett, We owe the money to the banks

              • The football club has minimal external debt. Any debt it has is to PLC.

      • Keith, everyone knows why an administrator was appointed, because of the potential for fraud and the financial future of the Leagues Club that may have been caused by the Football Club.

        Max Donnelly took applications which were duly called for and appointed the board, the Office of Gaming only got involved via a defacto arrangement with the administrator.

        Your blog heading implies that it is an inferior board, but that is only subjective to opinions of those not involved. If you go through the credentials they are well placed to do the job they do.

        The calling for the review by the board in part checks on the operations and procedures of the Football club and they as a non executive board decide to accept that review and adopt the recommendations made.

        People like our own Fong and Phil or anyone for that matter have/had a right to make submissions in the make up of that board being decided. Many of the people on this site would not have the base qualifications to go the next level of choice, Fong was probably in that group.

        Keith, in summary the board members have gone through an exhaustive qualification process to get where they are. They would have wanted to do it as no remuneration is paid to them.  Some applicants could also consider themselves unlucky and I am pretty sure our own Phil Sim was on a knife edge of acceptance and I hope he hangs around for the second round if the "fcuking" constitution ever gets through!

        • Poppa, I was suggesting the opposite as I have been defending our board continously. I also mentioned that the factions who cannot find a common ground and have shown in the past that they are incapeble of selecting a responsible board. I am all for the present administration to continue. The problem could be that people do not require any qualifications to become voting members.

        • This reply was deleted.
          • Fongy, I have no intimate knowledge of your credentials, you would seem to be the International man of mystery in that everything that is said would come from you.

            My apologies for assuming you would not have the base qualifiations, that was unfair of me in making such an assumption. I actually think you could be a good board member with the appropriate decorem, but again I asume that is not your style.

            Likewise you seem to make similar assumptions of me and my use of Linkedin, which I am not a member of.

            In attempt to be civil with each lets also assume our hearts for Parramatta are in the same place and I have read enough insight in your posts to understand the conflict that exists with your association with the Roosters.


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