• Yes they were excited during the Warriors game when he debuted.

            The excitement quickly faded when we lost to Manly and Souths in the subsequent games. After the Manly game is was obvious he was a liability. It was obvious to most of us after this game that Will Smith would be a safer option, or even Rankin. 

          • Yes the team thought a game or two would be great but he did play more and that's were the problem lies.

            • Exactly correct. 

              None of us had a problem with him being picked for the Warriors game. 

              We had a problem with him being picked against good teams like Manly, Souths, Roosters, Raiders etc

              We lost those games and it cost us a top 4 spot and eventually our season. 

              • JA didn't cost us those results though.

                Lack of intensity failing to aim up and our foward doing errors cost us more so than JA.

                JA is like every other half learning there trade they are never going to get better if you don't give them crack and with COvid and limited opportunities in lower grades it was trial by fire for him.Some good some bad.

                • Is that what happened with joey at Newcastle, someone gave him crack?

          • JA is one cool customer, has anyone seen the video of him dancing with two blondes in a hotel room? JA was drunk as a skunk and his hands were all over, literally. He's growing on me the young lad lol

      • That sounds a lot like bullshit to me!

      • 😂😂, that's a good one. If they were all that worried about winning then why did they play so shit ? 

      • Well he doesn't want anyone ahead of his son does he ??

        strategic move BA 

  • Ummm - we have pretty much ZERO dummy half back ups and we are letting one go??? Weirdness.

This reply was deleted.

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