• Will Smith will have a great season at the Titans. It would be a great move for him. 

  • I'd take that deal every day of the week if the dollars are ok. Will has been an ok utility but let's be frank, he's never set the world on fire. 
    Some are claiming this clears the way for JA. Unless Buckets is also related to JA he won't be getting first shot at utility.  

    • If Will Smiths presence at your club is blocking the progression of others , it's time to pack up your witches hats and last one out turn the lights off.


      ( Block your ears Carlo ), Will Smith has no future whatsoever as an NRL player at our club.  I like him , he tries very very hard, but I think Holbrook will get an outstanding result from him and probably turn him into a pretty nifty starting halfback to see out his final days which WS deserves for his efforts.  For Wills sake I hope he takes it. Carlo we know this will hurt if he goes but I think you will be pretty chuffed come this time next year with WSs season if he does. 

      • Bullshit. Will Smith has more of a future in first grade than Jake effing Arthur. He was going to be our 14 next year. Who the hell will it be now? We missed Tyrone Peachey so it has to be Will.

        • It's a pity Roache is a bubble wrap boy. If he can stay fit he would be our 14

          • Agreed. Roache only managed 1 game last year. 

            I think we need a better option for backup dummy half. 

            Lussick was great - we need someone similar. 

            I don't think Rein is the answer either.

  • Letting Will Smith go to advance the career of Jake Arthur is the kind of nepotistic decision that will burn this club to the ground and will stop us from ever winning a premiership. 

    This makes me sick. This is why BA should have been pushed out. He has a conflict of interest over this and he keeps killing other people's careers to advance his son.


    • Smith is a utility JA is a halfback. 

      Screaming nepotism shows you have zero understanding they have different roles within the squad 

      • Will Smith "utility" value includes covering HALF and FULLBACK. 

        Half = halfback. 

        Will Smith played halfback when Moses went off injured against the sharks and we won that game. 

        Try again pal. 

        • The game where the Sharks lost their entire bench early in the match?   

          Will covers 1 6 & 9 well but does not have the kicking game nor the organizing skills to start in the 7

          Smith and JA have different skill sets and different roles

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