• 1. Yes we can -   World Champs, not until we are proven at the highest levels.

    2. 1st or Second 

    3. Wont Happen :)

    • BE, do remember 2018? I doubt it will  happen but anything is possible 

  • At this stage we are as good a chance as any team, but need to beat Storm and Roosters in regular season to prove this.


    top 4. But realistically expecting 4 or 5


    he should be gone but I doubt it will happen. As BA said himself he's made mistakes, so if he knows this you'd expect him not to fall for them again.



  • 1) I think we've entered the realm of being a realistic chance not merely a possible or a maybe.

    2) To be a realistic chance of winning you need to finish Top 4. Barring significant injury I think this is likely. 

    3) The only way we finish bottom 4 is a horrendous injury toll. If that's the reason then BA may survive but given how depressed the club would be at that point, and given BA's lengthy tenure they may consider a fresh face to re-energise the place. 

    • Love your response Muttnan . If I was a betting man then I would copy your cautious , however confident , approach . Parra can win a premiership very soon mate and 2020 sounds good to me . 

  • 1 Will go close this year but won't win it. 2021 is our year

    2 Top 4

    3 Anything less than a game before the GF is a fail!!!

  • -No



  • 1. No

    2. Top 6

    3. He will be terminated but I don't see that happening.

  • 1. Will go close, if not definitely 2021.

    2. 3rd

    3. Goneski, but we will not finish in the bottom 4 unless we have an horrendous injury toll. 

  • 1 Good chance but we would have to beat storm and roosters

    2 3 or 4 depending how bronc's go

    3 if we go that bad he should be hung drawn and quartered

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