Will Greta win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Will this young girl win the esteemed Nobel Peace Prize? If so, does she deserve it? If not why not? Thoughts everyone. It's a current topic at the moment especially with these "Extinction Protesters" popping up like mushrooms.


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  • I'd like to know what advocating action against climate change has to do with winning the peace prize. Happy to be educated if someone can explain it to me.

    • Not sure myself Meelk. However, this girl is the hot favourite.

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    I'm honestly staying out of this one.

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    • Agree Kram, Dons been a total peace maker as president, just look what he did with Nth Korea, if that was Hillary, Bush, Bill, Obama, they'd have gone to war, not Don.

      Don deserves the prize but little Adolf Greta's a good chance of winning if not this year in the next few years which will cheapen the prize.

      • lol, how good does The Don look in this picture? What about the look on his face. What a patriot :)

      • https://www.news.com.au/world/kurdish-commander-accuses-united-stat...

        He's doing a pretty good job for recruiting for ISIS. If your Kurdish you'd be " fuck you American".

        Kurds accuse US of leaving them to be ‘slaughtered’
        The commander of Kurdish forces in Syria has accused the United States of leaving his people to be slaughtered, and demanded to know whether Donald T…
        • Agree there Mag, hes left the Kurds in big trouble, i dont agree with his decision there.

    • LOL, Krams. Some say body language is 65% of communication. 





      Trump in the latest UN climate talks, last month. With Greta. 


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        Simple question Maggie, Don or Hillary?

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