Will Benji succeed into a good coach?

I have serious doubts that he will be a good coach, im prepared to call it now, he will be a flop.

i just dont see that he will be a good man manager (like me) 😜😜

i also dont see how to will make players grow and improve. Im doubtful he can out coach other coaches game plans


Many good and great players havent been able to make the coaching step

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  • wait and see


  • I'll say not a chance in hell . Like you , I don't think he fits the personality profile of a good coach . In fact I predict him to be an epic fail .  Watching him interview players on TV he still always has to make it about him .  

    • ✅ 

    • Totally agree. Watching him on tv was painful. Brilliant player in his day but not a leader. Can see him going down the same path as Kevvie W. With any luck ice will get out of his deal early and switch with N Brown

    • 💯 it will always be about him 

  • Nope, it's mentally tough & that's where he going to find it tough. 

  • I hope so but I don't think so time will tell 

  • He be better off being Benji the pooch

  • Just another ricky stuart. 

    • This reply was deleted.
      • Typical benji all about himself 

This reply was deleted.

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