Why the time is now for Moses

Be A Goldfish Just Like Maloney Says Matthew Elliott

Katie Brown and Matthew Elliott discuss the best and worst of Mitchell Moses as well as what the Eels need from their star halfback heading towards the NRL Finals

3 hours ago


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  • Good observations from Elliot. Mitch is coming on just nicely, his game against the Tigers was sublime. His kicking game was much improved, his goal kicking was faultless, he kept his composure and steered the team to a win.

    Great halves let along good halves are a once in a decade find, the club did well re-signing Mitch, his attitude and commitment to be the player he was always earmarked to be can’t be doubted.

    Moses is just coming into maturity, he has all the attributes of a great half, he’s our best chance to guide us to our long-awaited premiership.

    The goldfish analogy is gold, Mitch has shown a lot more maturity this season, he was know to have a dummy spit, I have not seen this in Mitch’s game this season.

    • 33 Years waiting for a general giant to awaken and lead us to another golden age mixed with premierships. 

      • I feel your pain Frog, as do the many loyal and somwhat patient fans. Mitch is the best oppotunity this club has had in a memerible while. We a had a shot with Jason Taylor and Michael Beuttner but it wasn't to be. We almost get there with Mortimer and Robson but it was Hayne who got us in a postion to win a comp. 




      • I hope so Froggy !!! I really do hope do like you . 33 years is a long wait for me to . 

    • Yeah Joseph, This week will be a challenge. We'll need Moses and the team to be 'on'.

      I love Moses' competitive spirit: he's a damn "sore loser". We need that, considering our culture.

      It was a quality Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the greatest coaches of all time, always looked for in a player.

      He's always been a great runner, with x-factor, but he's worked on other areas of his game.

      His body and defence: he's no longer a Sandow-like turnstile he often was. And you notice less people on this site now get stuck into Moses (they're waiting for his failure). How many players do you see bang the ground in disgust, after they couldn't stop a rampaging Wighton, in top form, to in a try on the line? 

      He backs himself to win. Eventually.

      And he's worked on his patience, and ability to "pause" at the line, and look ahead, I saw him pause 2 or 3 times last Sunday, before putting setting up a play. In the past he's rushed himself, too often, playing a frantic Russian roulette, thrown wild cut out passes or whatever.

      He's creating more time for himself.

      And he follows the play more. In attack he supports more. In defence he's following the ball, too. A quality great competitive halves like Cronk or JT had.

      Part of all that is maturity. He's hitting the 25 mark. An age where neuroscientists' have shown the frontal cortex (reasoning, planning) starts gets activately linked to the limbic (emotional, hormonal, memory centre). Helps his ability to handle stress and think ahead better.

      But in my opinion, Moses can't do it alone. And he's likely to still have the odd brain explosion. Out of habit (hello limbic). But less so.

      The team is playing with desire at the moment, if at times vulnerable. The forwards have aimed up. Nathan Brown's return has helped especially, tighten the middle, as well as act as a an extra helper: playmaker. Even Evans, a perennial plodder, has been playing out of his skin and looked like a first grader.

      I'm in Moses' corner and will be - even after he sometimes fails. Which is inevitable.

      • Great post HOE, great summary and your correct, he can’t do it on his own. Equally, the team can achieve greatness without a quality half. 

        Boy Nathan Brown was good on Sunday, haven’t we missed him.

        Interesting facts about brain development, very interesting. 

  • I like the comment by Elliott about Mitch being in the mindset of rep player, Moses took his kicking last week to the next level -  the variety and the flat kick into the corner impressed me the most, I've been critical of parts of his game it looks like its clicking into gear at the right time 

  • I love Matt Elliott's mad scientist analysis of the game. No wonder he and Brian Smith got along so well. Absolutely spot on with his analysis of Mitch. I get the impression that most Rugby League people, not just Parra fans really want to see Mitch fulfill his incredible potential.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, we go as far as Mitch takes us.

  • I’ve always loved Elliot’s take on the game and he sure has nailed this about Mitch.Im sure most of us have lamented Moses’ lack of composure and kick choice at times - as would most league fans tigers and eels fans alike. It’s great for us to see him settle and also not carry on like a school kid, at his team mates when they err. footy gods know he isn’t immune especially last year with his dummy spitting ways and it’s great to see he has matured and realises this too. Makes such a difference to his game.


    Actually,maybe  Elliot wouldn’t be a bad mentor for us to get in there at times :)

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