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Who Wins ? Predictions

1 Gutherson v Papenhausen - Guth

2. Fergo v Fox - Tie.

3. Jennings v Chambers - Jennings 

4. Blake vs Olam - Blake

5. Sivo v Vunivalu - Sivo

6. Brown v Munster  - Munster

7. Moses v Hughes - Moses

8. Bromwich v Jnr - Tie.

9. Mahoney v Cam - Cam

10 Kane v Asofa - Asofa

11. Lane v Khafusi - LANE

12. Mau v Bromwich close but Mau

13 Brown v Finnucane  - Tie

Bench Parra.


8 to 3 Parra has the better team in my opinion. And the better bench. Cam smith makes a massive difference and will control the match in the wet.

For mine it's the Eels by 6 based on player matches ups. 

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  • 1 Gutherson

    2. Fergo

    3. Chambers

    4. Jennings

    5. Sivo

    6. Munster

    7. Moses

    8. Bromwich

    9. Smith

    10. Asofa

    11. Khafusi

    12. Bromwich

    13. Finnucane


    14. Brown

    15. Paulo

    16. Lane

    17. Papenhausen

  • If Mahoney continues to play the way he has he will be the next qld hooker maybe as soon as next year. His service and selection is phenominal. And his technique at tackle is top notch. No fear. Name a hooker other than Cam or Cook who is playing better and maybe Cam isnt playing better.

    • The pom from Canberra is playing great as well.

  • Asofa is a cat as well. Should be one of the best but just isnt. I reckon Kane will belt him

  • Main Ref - Melb

    Pocket Ref - Melb

    Video ref - Melb.

    Good analysis but we'll need to beat these 3 too.

    • Spot on - it's going to be painful to watch.

    • You left out 3rd Ref (Cam Smith) - Melb

  • The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    • spot on the Ape. That should always be a critical factor when we recruit Players and coaches. It,s not all about the individual it's about how they fit in the whole

    • Exactly Ape!

      As we all know Broncos and Storm are not in same league, but if our whole of team effort including bench repeat and play as one as well as we did, then we might just have a chance.

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