Who owns Parramatta Leagues

Hi this maybe a silly quesion but I have a mate who is a South Sydney supporter and bets his left b.... our club is owned by Castle Hill RSL in which I find laughable.

Can anyone dig up some dirt on who owns our club to throw at him ?

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  • He is correct. 50% owned by Castle Hill RSL.

    50% owned by Hillsong

  • Turps your wrong 60% owned by Ivan milat

    40% kens of Kensington 

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    Hillsong muppy.

    • thanx

  • Off topic but just reminded me when Hillsong was mentioned... was thinking recently how many players apart from Tim Mannah are apart of that cult? Hopefully when he leaves they have less of a presence within our club

    • well said.

      • come on guys give me an answer


        • the leagues club owns the team, leagues club was originally built in 59 by players the two Jacks.

          Im not to certain on the history im sure sluggy will be able to fill you in.

          The leagues club was built for the team and the community and was built to help raise money for the team and to act as a base for the team..

          Its not owned by castle hill RSL, not even part.

          • Thanx snake

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