Who is the worst ref in the NRL?

Grant Atkins - We saw his atrocious performance on Thursday night. I didn't think he could top that but then I watched Manly vs Newcastle (with Atkins in the bunker). He just overturned a completely legitimate try to Newcastle that was already awarded, claiming a knock-on by Best that did not happen. It would have tied scores up. It was such a weird and random decision it almost screams corrupt not merely incompetent. The bloke is a clown. 
Who's your vote for the worst ref in the game? 

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      • 100% Macy.

  • Atkins and Klein lose control a lot, Sutton at least looks confident at times. Though i do not think anyone can go as low as Henry Perenara as a ref. He was just inept. Nice guy and tried hard but just wasn't cut out for it.

    • he was a real shocker LB


      • There are refs who know what they are doing and can decide a result if they wanted to.

        Then you have Perenara who decided a result through ineptitude. Adam Devcich was exactly the same, every try he would send to video ref. You could have a simple try under posts, he would look at onside, obstruction, put down, did he go over the dead ball line even if they werent near it. The guy didn't back himself.

  • I've said it before, our refs don't understand the game. They know the rule book inside and out, but they don't understand the game. 

  • Without a doubt it's atkins,  not because he is incompetent but because it seems he blatantly favours certain teams. I remember about 2 seasons ago in an eels game he sent every eels try to the bunker  as no try and every try the other team scored as a try and had every decision overturned. 

    • Atkins record with us is 15 wins and 22 losses.

      Conversely his record with the Roosters is 22 wins and 13 losses.

  • Atkinks's father played for Parra and still goes to the games. Perennara plated fir Parra. Hartley lived in Parra territory. 

    • Is his father the winger with the bad tash?

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