Who is the worst ref in the NRL?

Grant Atkins - We saw his atrocious performance on Thursday night. I didn't think he could top that but then I watched Manly vs Newcastle (with Atkins in the bunker). He just overturned a completely legitimate try to Newcastle that was already awarded, claiming a knock-on by Best that did not happen. It would have tied scores up. It was such a weird and random decision it almost screams corrupt not merely incompetent. The bloke is a clown. 
Who's your vote for the worst ref in the game? 

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  • Corrupt , people don't wish to believe it can happen in " their " game. But it fucking does , period. Do we really think only Ryan Tandy and John Elias are the only NRL personalities to ever be " got to " ?  Referees simply can't make the errors they make and umpire so one sidedly by accident.  I mean , who queries it publicly ? They have nothing to lose by influencing a result. The coaches sure aren't going to make a statement about it because the NRL will smack them with a massive fine if they flag it on TV , it's virtually all sealed up so you can't as much as query the call publicly. 

    Would it be worth 50k to have your boss come out on Monday with the standard " he got it wrong " statement and maybe spend next week in NSW cup or running a line ? You betcha .  

    The game actually needs an independent commission that can referee the referees each week. 

    • Wasn't there a night we leaked like 5 tries down one side against the Rabbitohs ?

      • Yes very questionable was that one. 

      • Even the two quick try's at the end of a game to shorten up the margins when said team didn't look like busting a line all game as an example. We've all been out and witnessed the hangers ona's around the players. Crime families we usually see on the news , all of a sudden become too honest to be influencing the players they're dining with. 

        Tell me they don't approach officials as well.  It'd be worth hundreds of thousands to turn an offical. If not millions.  Much easier to have a referee influence a match than half a team of players.  Anyone read John Elias's book ? Fuck I know of a current player who's old mans connected to the circles Carl Williams and the underbelly 1 crims moved in , even hired a hitman and had a bloke knocked ( was acquitted later in a technicality  ) . If you're good on the Google machine you'll be able to find out whom I'm talking about. I'm not saying he's fixing games , just pointing out that many players are closely linked to criminals ,  I've known him for 20 years and he's as crook as they get. 

      • John - we also got run down by the Cows in 2015 from memory. That was another one....I couldn't believe what I saw. 

    • Agree

  • 1. Atkins 2. Klein 3. Harrigan 4. Hartley 6. Yvonne Sampson 

  • The one we have next week 

  • It's very close between Atkins and Klein but I would have to give it to Atkins.

    The award for most incompetent touchie goes to Badger.

    • BEM those two are the quinella of boooooo!!

      getting them both together is a massive disgrace n absolute rubbish Parra fans everywhere

      remember Newcastle semi '21 that was hard to believe how inept either could be with the camera replays n bunker. It was pure cheating! I'm sure it had to be intentional never forget it

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