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For mine it's Daniel Alvaro. Enough of this initial prop development prodigy. Alvaro should be at his absolute peak at the age of 25/26, and it's time to shape up or cut him.

Alvaro whilst being a very good working prop, really needs to ramp up his aggressive running. He rarely dominates the opposition on set starts and for mine, he isn't the aggressive dominator we need as a starting prop, meaning at the moment he is a bench player at best. I wouldn't be offering Alvaro any more than 220k, and unless he improves to the next level, Parramatta shouldn't be competing for his signature.

There's also enough coming through with Utoikamanu, Faainga  and Kahfusi to cover our future bench positions.

Alvaro has a similar body shape to James Graham, but needs to mentally step up to the plate or start looking elsewhere. He wouldn't look out of place in a Krispy Cream apron for mine.

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You have no idea.  Starting to wonder if you actually support the Eels with you rantings!

100% Tepai needs to.
We have been so patient with him

He needs to stay healthy, particularly stay away from the HIA, that's what's holding him back IMO. Every time he starts to get some momentum in his career he gets a spate of head knocks. It's got to be starting to be a concern for the club I would think.

His head knocks are a result of substandard coaching

Yes I'm sure BA has coached him to head butt opposition shoulders.

FFS here we got again.  How did I guess somehow you would revert this back to your hate BA campaign.

FMD, now I've heard everything, coaches are responsible for head knocks, the most ridiculous statement I have EVER heard. Chief, lately you have been putting up some positive posts, now this!!, what happened? head knock maybe.

How many Melbourne players do you see getting knocked out in every game ?

dallas johnson rings a bell

I've never seen Cameron Smith being knocked out in 15 years of football. It's not just luck Brett lmfao
Alvaro wouldn't make any of the top 8 team's starting packs. Enough said

You don't know that, don't confuse your opinions for facts.


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