• Hi Slugg. If by chance you get to speak to Snake again,will you pass on to him my best wishes. I've missed his blogs. Apart from only a few people on this site,you included, that even though we are long suffering true blue Parramatta supporters,we have stayed loyal to them.We haven't made up names (Avatars) to post demoralising  and degrading blogs about OUR TEAM.I was truly considering revoking my membership because of the posts by Vertical smile and Big Eel but why would I or anyone else give them the satisfaction? They are bullies and should be ignored. So,1Eyed Eelers,I'm staying with you. I don't post much,when I do,it's only when I know something about the subject being discussed. So Slugg,let my son Snake know he is missed and I hope he'll be back soon. Take care and look after yourself.

      • Litre Old Person, I sent this to Snake couldn't say it like you wrote it. 

        • Thank you Slugg. I appreciate it. 

          • So want to say Brett hit Snake with a Hoe

            • lol

    • None of them are suspended. If they're not here, it's their own choice. Their accounts are still live so they haven't permanently left.

      • Thanks super for that update 

        with that knowledge can someone please give snake a care call 

        it is very unlike him to not be around for this long - I’ve been here since 2012 and this is unusual

        thanks everyone 

    • Surely if someone is suspended they have the right to know for how long?

      • I must miss stuff but Smiley doesn't offend me.  In fact I think some are offended by his truth. I apologise if I missed something offensive posted by him.   Fong offends you with truth but you got used to him.  Who really is Verticals miles? I must remember to put a double g on Slugg  as well brain take note.  Please please please  bring Snake back for the semis otherwise site is not the same plus we all miss him.  I apologise in advance my auto correct kills me. 

  • How is snake suspended and that crapamatta fool is not . It's an outrage 

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