When is Dylan Brown's Replacement Announced?

Just wondering when the Eels coach/selection crew will announce Dylan (5 Times) Brown's Replacement will be for the Bulldogs game. I'm hoping that Asi gets the opportunity as it creates less disruptive changes to the side. Simmonsen and Russell have been very good in their respective positions and Gutherson's best position is fullback in my opinion. Let's hope Brown is back sooner than later and hopefully learns from this ordeal 

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  • Agree

  • 1. Cartwright to no.6

    2. Gutho to no.6 and Simonsson to fullback, Russell to centre and Dunster to wing

    3. Dijon (Asi) Mustard to no.6

     Hoping it's the 3rd option. Less disruption and Gutho better at fullback for the team

  • It will be Sunday at 4pm when the 22 man squad narrows down to 19, Asi i believe goes straight in, BA wont want more of a disruption to the squad by moving Cartwright or Gutho to 6 and make shifting the team. We are lean on forwards as it is still so doubt Cartwright goes there, Gutho could go to 6 but i do not think it is beneficial to trust Russell at 1 over Asi at 6.

  • Maybe after they challenge the nrl decision haha

    in all honesty hope they do but still allow Dylan to sit this one out 

    • Could be a blessing in disguise with Brown temporarily out. Gives other players opportunities to shine

  • surely asi comes straight into 6, the least amount of disruption to the side. 

  • Asi will come in to 5/&

  • Daejarn Asi come on down!

    • I went and watched NSW Cup last weekend, we are in a lot of trouble if Asi is the answer......

      • Really that bad? It's amazing how the Eels recruitment don't pursue reasonably quality back halves in case of instances where players have absolute brain explosions and do something stupid which jeopardizes the whole team as in Brown's case 

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