What would you do

What are the first 3 things you would change or implement if you wetter the new NRL CEO?

For me it would be ;

  1. Revert back to one referee
  2. Introduce the "captains call". Each team gets 2 calls per half and can be used at any stoppage in play. Reducing video technology to scoring plays only as in grounding and not professional could etc
  3. Introduce a draft system. Mid seasons trade period

Bonus- relocation of 2 sydney teams. One to central NSW and the other to central QLD

What would be your 3?

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  • Captain challenge would be worse thing to bring in.  With bunker making so many controversial decisions, a team would most likely lose their challenge on a bad call then have no protection for another call during the match and be punished again as they would be unable to review genuine mistakes against them. Look at the ashes and uproar with so many incorrect decisions with some reviews lost by bad calls by video ref.  Leave video ref rules as they are but get competent people in the bunker. Maybe make decisions quicker though. The bunker should be looking at replays as soon as a player crosses the line regardless if called for or not.  Line the kick up during the review process as well to minimise time taken without play.

    Stop play clock when ball out of play after finding touch.  Only restart after ball fed to scrum.  Also stop it after a try and dont start till kick off after conversion.  Then scoring team kicks off.  Would mean team that just scored may be willing risk short kick off and create genuine contest for ball.  Or it would stop massive periods of up to 10mins with 1 team not getting chance to touch the ball.

    Get out of channel 9 deal and get TV station willing to commentate the game to current rules not rules the commentators wish were in place.  Also share the free to air game more fairly.  Even if cost a little bit of total tv deal as it will be better for game long term and help build fanbase.  If teams like titans had more exposure and free to air games they would sell more sponsorship, get better players and then compete instead of struggle like cowboys did until they jagged JT as an interchange player before he became one of the games greats. 

    • The answer with broadcasting is to break the games rights into smaller packages. Atomise the rights as much as practical and then auction off the individual packages to all bidders.

      For example ...

      Thursday Night Footy on 9

      Friday Night footy on 9

      Saturday on Foxtel

      Saturday Night footy on 10

      Sunday afternoon footy on 7

      Sunday Night Footy on 10


      The more you atomise the rights, the better overall value you get with the league able to retain scheduling rights. 

    • Absolutely agree with the Captains Challenge FM. I've been saying since it was 1st mentioned it would never work. The ref makes a wrong call on awarding a try, the bunker confirms the wrong call - how many times have we seen it happen? So who does the Captian then challenge to? Does the ref carry a phone so he can call Todd Greenberg? How about they just concentrate on getting the calls right to start with. There is clear bias in favour of some teams, that's the number 1 thing that needs stamping out.

      Also agree with the clock stopping, they do it all the time in AFL - they have a bloke that sits there and stops it at every stoppage, ball ins, ball out of bounds etc etc. How hard can it be for the NRL to introduce the same thing.

      Stamp out the super slow motion replays. They cause more problems by looking for a fingernail on the ball etc. Play things at normal speed and if it looks like a duck, then normally it's a duck.


  • 1. Split the structure of the game into two components, the Premiership to be run by the clubs & the Pathways to be administered centrally by the Commission. 

    2. Completely overhaul the CBA with the players to include a rookie draft, soft cap, restricted free agency, player trades & publishing player salaries.

    3. Restructure the season to include a proper preseason, shorter regular season, dedicated mid season rep window and a get rid of the second chance in the playoffs. You lose you go home.

  • The first two for sure, I don't understand enough of the draft system but I suspect I would be reluctant...... I am old fashioned to think someone like David Fifita could play with the Bronco's from age 9 and then lose him as a 20 year old on a draft system....I feel he has earnt the right to make a choice.....I know my thinking is out of date....just being me!

    The two Sydney teams yes, St George and Manly, not convinced about Central Qld but happy to be proven wrong. Strongly believe in a South East Qld Team representing Gold Coast, Logan, South Brisbane out to Ipswich....probably from a perspective of centralising it in the Springfield area.

    I'm sure just the same that I don't understand all the logisticalical issues involved.

  • 1 referee

    no bunker

    no interchange

  • Change golden point

    Both teams receive 1 competition  point after 80mins then they are playing for a golden point.

    Get rid of 2 refs bring back in goal judges thats means 4 officials including touchies to help the ref.

    Bring back the tap and go if there is no marker.

    Personally i hate Thursday footy id bring back monday footy.

    Keep the 9s but make it a regional game and each year take the comp to a country area. 

    • Offside, definitely get rid of golden point; 1 pt each team; they have had 80 mins to win the match. and the Thursday football too; get rid of it. But $$$ dictates.

  • 1. No Competition committee etc. coaches can put in applications to ammend rules but no coaches on such committees.

    2. One referee; and keep current system of video as nothing better there; referees to have one policy of speaking to captains once only about a decision during break in play and thats it and refereeing to players as Capt or numbers.

    3. Draft period before season begins and at end.

    4. Judicary to have one ex-player only; and halve the fines and increase matches for penalites. I.e. gouges / tripping should be mandatory 2-3 wks min.

  • Remove TPA & all payments to players to be looked over by NRL, working closely with taxation. Try and make this game even again.

    Slacken the shoulder charge rule to front on hits ok. Meaning if a player is running at the defence it would be acceptable. No blind side shoulder charges! 

    One on one fighting would be only a penalty and move on. No send off, no judiciary. Would stop a lot of niggle. 


    Try and get this game back to where this game was before Super League, greed & dopes took over. 

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