• Would have been the perfect club captain!!!

  • I still have a feeling we will see Welch in Eels colours 

    • There’s no way we’d pull the offer 

      • There is always a way P&B, that why I would never go over the top with you!

  • Well said. It’s good to see players with some perspective on life outside the footy field.

  • Apparently a really decent bloke

  • One of the best forwards in the game, very smart and articulate and a club leader and would take guthos captaincy or would be co captain easily 

  • He is a young gowie with more skill

    For the right price I hope he comes to the eels

    • It’s a huge risk after two ACLs... we’ve been stung by signings like this before.

  • Good luck and stay away from the eels.

    This guy had a acl scare not to long ago as well, for a young forward to be into now his second acl. his knees clearly struggling week in week out.

    foren 2.0

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