• Wr were absolutely raped by the ref tonight, the cows constantly pushed our tackled players down when getting up to play the ball, it was obvious and ridiculous. 

    • Levy is a complete fwit. 

  • I thought we earned at least half a dozen 6 agains purely because it was clear we were winning the collision but the ref had other ideas and put the whistle away.I was also disappointed in the play the ball penalty we gave up yet the Cows in the first half from what I saw had 3 unpenalised discretions in the given area.

    Now I understand the referees are under a lot of pressure and sometimes don't get help from either the bunker or there TJs especially but seriously it's costing results.

    • I agree. They have a massive impact on the game and now seem to be on a ref by ref basis. We are going to have to learn to change styles based on feeling out the ref on 6 agains early in the game.

  • people need to get their rose cloured glass off, the ref was pretty good and as for us getting 6 agains he could of given the cowgirls a lot as we pushed down on them every time they got up to play the ball but didn't. Hopefully they get rid of the 6 again as it was a better game without it. Fantastic wi by the boys though I thought they would of blown the girls off the park but good effort and win and hopefully our ressurgence.

    • Shane, 100% correct

    • I don't mind the 6 again rule, as long as it's used as it was intended, to stop teams like the Roosters from intentionally giving away penalties to disrupt the attacking teams rhythm. I thought the ref last night got it just about right 

      • if used correctly and not so 1 sided and inconsistant which we all know will never happen in the NRL so it will never be a good rule and should be scraped

    • I've never liked the 6 again 

    • If you are winning the collision in defense it's pretty much like a dominant tackle you should be given more leeway in the tackle.That's the whole idea of it if you are running harder and are harder to hold the referees need to recognise that and officiate correctly.

      This is my bugger bare with the officiating there trying to officiate it but outside of the scoreboard this is where the games are won and lost if your not officiating the collision correctly what's the point.All contact sports are won at the point of contact you win there pretty much most of the time the officiating should reflect that.

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Wile E. Coyote replied to Blue Gold Legend's discussion Reed Mahoney
"Mandatory is only catagory 1
Catageory 2  the club can ask for an exemption from a neurologist - which Cantebury did - all aboveboard"
42 seconds ago
Wizards Sleeve replied to Blue Gold Legend's discussion Reed Mahoney
"It's a bit of a joke .  Is it not enough we have to put up with their officials being able to influence the games on the paddock with their inconsistent rulings , now they're even stepping into changing mandatory rules as they please .  It kinda…"
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CP replied to Blue Gold Legend's discussion Reed Mahoney
"Yep was thinking the exactly same thing. MANDATORY 11 days....Gotta love the NRL, just change the rules whenever it suit them 
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Wizards Sleeve replied to Blue Gold Legend's discussion Reed Mahoney
"Ha !! 
It's the principal ,  they either have a rule of they don't . "
14 minutes ago