• They don't use them much anymore. Might be different later in the year. Next year could be completely different again.

    • Next week could be different. 

    • Parras power game relies on fast play the balls, if they stop giving six agains we're in trouble. 

      • Exactly what I was thinking. We need the 6 agains.

  • It was good to finally watch a game with nearly zero stoppages, but holy hell the Cowboys were laying all over the ruck for hours to slow the play down. Definitely needed a few more 6 agains.

    Disappointing that after an almost no touch game from the refs they had to award the most dubious of penalties that led to the Cowboys try and resurgence.

  • Not according to Mark Levy, he rated this ref as the best in the game and one of the best reffed games in a long time.

    Same bloke who said we had lucky ref calls in our win v Canterbury.

    Little ray of Sunshine taking after Ray himself in disliking Parramatta.

    • I was listening to the 2GB coverage from England this morning, after the game Levy called Gutherson and Moses "Whinging Grubs" and said "This isn't the premier league, you cannot run up to the referee and challenge him like that, they need to be fined".

      • Didn't Levy play for the Eels once? Or am I mistaken? Or his he an ex Penrith player?

        • Lol no that is a different person with the same name. This Mark Levy i doubt would ever of put a boot on. He would be a bad case of putting a shot on someone and laughing, then a shot gets put on them and gets the huffs.

          How it is on continuous call team, he tells jokes and laughs then gets annoyed when people joke about him. 

      • I mean i saw that live and it is annoying, but what about Cam Smith? Or is it because he is such an icon and loved by the media we turn a blind eye? Again, the media will never support us as we do not have a player that they can get behind, a superstar to overrate.

        He said numerous times "I am not convinced on Parramatta" even changing the subject to mention it again to get opininon. I nearly rang up just ask "Hey Mark, are convinced on Parra?" just wait for him to say "No i am not" then reply "Ok, just did not hear you the first 15 times is all" though probably would have been banned from 2GB by him as he cannot take criticism, he can give it but not receive it.

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