What do we know about this bloke?


The current English head coach has plenty of experience in terms of winning having led Wigan to five grand finals in seven years and three titles as well as a Challenge Cup triumph.

The 56-year-old left Wigan in 2018 and has had his eyes on an NRL coaching gig for some time, but has been overlooked for rookie coaches on several occasions.

Wane won 162 of his 240 games in charge of Wigan for a win percentage of 67.5 and he would bring the winning mentality the Eels need, especially in big games.

The biggest criticism of  Brad Arthur is that he hasn’t got his side peaking at the right end of the season and Wane’s finals record speaks for itself

England coach Shaun Wane says he wants to come coach in the NRL, declaring he would “kill it” if given the chance.

Wane was coach of Wigan for many years, delivering silverware year on year.

Now after a spell in rugby union, he has replaced Wayne Bennett as England coach. 

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  • The interesting thing with this bloke is also who he could bring with him......maybe an X factor player that we haven't seen yet?

    I could just about guarantee he will be smarter than Brad when it comes to innovation.

    • Not sure about an English coach Pops working in the NRL.I don't know much about this guy.

      One thing we all agree on though is that BA is not an intelligent individual. I think to be successful in this business you need to be shrewed, smart, sharp-witted, astute, eloquent and able to converse intelligently on avarious topics. I don't see that with BA. He's very one dimensional and not very interesting to listen to. 

      • He's as my father used to quote "a horse that runs in one direction". Doesn't know to look left or right.

        Stubborn fool.

        • Let's put it that way - he has many blind spots. He needs a 360 done on him by the players and his assistants.

  • Our game is faster and more complex than the ESL, Wane will take time to get used to how the NRL is played, Maguire, Robinson, Woolf, Holbrook these coaches succeeded cause they were assistants before heading over to England or played in the NRL. They understood the speed of the game and used it in their coaching in the ESL and all succeeded, Wane has never coached in the NRL in any capacity therefore there is some understandable hesitency towards him for that reason, how long will it take to adapt his coaching the NRL. It could be straight away who knows but are we in a position to take that risk? i don't know

    Definately has pedigree in ESL though.

  • I guess the question is this - Are we going to every win a competion with our current assistants and head coach. The overwhelming answer form a majority of Eels fans (on this site at least) is no chance.

    Do we have a lot to lose by letting Brad go at the end of the year if we bow out of the finals early and give someone like what Poppa suggests a go.We may even get him for a reasonable price as he is keen for a shot and we would happily upgrade him down the track if we achieved success

    Canberra thought outside the box a couple of years ago with UK players and almost won a comp when everyone was saying not many UK players can cut it in the NRL.

    Definately worth a phone call to his manager to see where he is at

    • To answer your question, no, we are not unfortunately. Having said that I can't see the board sacking BA. I reckon we have another year of pain coming up next year unfortunately.

  • Give him a go I reckon

  • He nearly got the warriors job.

    I've heard good things about him unlikely but would be worth the risk

  • Never trust a bloke with two first names. 

This reply was deleted.

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