• 15 runs for 155m and a few good defensive reads. I think he has had a good debut. 

  • Straight to left centre, he's like a better version of opac

  • Hard to tell, a few pretty decent runs and really had to do nothing in defence. I'm stunned the raiders didn't attack his side more. Croker handled him easily 1 on 1 all 2nd half when we went that way so that's not a glowing assessment as Croker is an average defender. Still not even close to being sold on him yet, probably 4 out of 10.

    • Lol you reckon JA played good last week, and Penisini played below average today? At least the kid can defend, can't say that about the coaches son. 

      • He made 13 tackles and missed 3, that's not a sign you can defend. I've seen him in reserve grade twice and he was terrible, he was slightly better tonight but below average yeah. And yeah JA was ok last week probably 5.5 out of 10, tonight he was probably 4 or 5, some good moments and some poor.

        JA made 20 tackles and missed 5 and he had big forwards running at him. Dare say the stats aren't glowing for either of them so not sure why all the love for Penisini and bagging of JA, they were both average at best in my eyes.

    • Really Brissy? I'm surprised by your thoughts on this. Croker is a decent defender. He wasn't made to work hard tonight as every time Gutho chimes in on the right, he runs his outside players into the side line. Pretty easy to defend that.

      • I reckon he plays Origin years ago if he could have defended, he can't and that's why he hasn't. Plenty of good judges with more knowledge than me have said the same.

    • Your kidding? he was excellent tonight, especially considering the Raiders came to play!

  • Big tick and the highlight of the game 

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