The similarities from this scene (watch below) in the movie Moneyball and what is happening at our club at present is pretty much identical.

 Just change the names of the players, recruitment strategy to replace them, spending to compared to other clubs....

 Spoiler alert to those that haven’t watched the full movie, in the end the “Moneyball” team broke the record for consecutive wins, but once again bombed out in the playoffs.

 Sound familiar?


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  • He then decided to turn down the richest ever offer for a GM from the Boston Red Sox's. Would have made him the richest GM in the history of sports, decided to stay in what he knew. Oakland havent won a pennet, Boston have won numerous since then.

    We stay how we feel comfortable.

  • We comfortable with being stable, winning a premiership is not high on the agenda - just read the Bios of board, no doubt highly skilled, experienced in the corporate world but we lack experience on the footy side. 

    • I think a premiership is high on any teams agenda, just we accept the seasons past as acceptable. Imagine Nick Politis seeing the Roosters knocked out three years in a row in week 2? he would not be pleased. Us we take it as "well we are better than what we were before we were here".

      • Thats why the Rorters are always in contention for the best talent. They are prepared to let very good players leave to sign x factors. They let go Pearce to sign Cronk, they will let Verills go to sign Smith. We havnt got that edge, we sign Gutho on a huge contract when no one else even made an offer, we let a dally m second rower go and we are happy to find a junior. We let a possible state of origin Hooker go in the hope cards might fall correctly and we can pick up the unwanted player from the rorters.  We are literally never in the hunt for the xfactor player, or the best player in any position. And if we manage to produce one we roll over and let them go. 

        Ive gotta ask whats the end game, we cant win a comp letting the best players leave, sure we can play finals footy this way, but winning the big one. That seams like a stretch.

        Untill we learn the legal art of competing for talent using whole of life after football , Financial strategies" , we may very well languish around the top 8 positions.

        • Ive said it a few times and i will say it again, I have been a bit harsh on BA as he has developed players, this squad has developed and so has the coaching. The board however have not, they are still operating like we need to be a constant top 8 team that cannot attract big names.

        • Yep, well said BE.

        • NAILED IT !!!

        • You make some good points.  If you believe in what B Smith said about the roosters, it is a massive leap from where we appear to be at the moment.

        • Mayeb BA insisted that we keep Gutho?

          We know that they are tight so that wouldnt surprise me..

      • Mentioned this in another thread we want to win we just don't know how to.We don't process a Politis Gould Ponissi Bellamy Bennett Robinson Gibson type.

        This is the clubs issue actually figuring out how to win this thing.

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