I wasn't aware of this information , how many top shelf players could you retain for $454K in 1999 ? 

  • In 2000, the Newcastle Knights were fined $158,800 but did not have any points deducted after club officials revealed that they had exceeded the salary cap by a total of $454,100 and failed to disclose third-party payments during the 1998 and 1999 seasons

  • The Newcastle Knights were fined $85,000 in 2002 but did not have any points deducted after it was found that they had exceeded the salary cap by $170,000 during the season.


But in 2001 when Newcastle beat us with their star studded team they were under the cap ?  How the fuck do we get unlucky enough to get Newy whilst they're neck deep over a 5 year period in cap rorts , and then we get The Storm rob us of one in 2009. 

Am I overreacting over Newcastle's breaches either side of their 2001 premiership? 


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  • 454k in 2000 was a lot, I reckon the cap at the time was only $4m

  • Seems to me Newcastle and Melbourne made their own luck.

    When we tried, well...

    • If they'd gotten away with it I'd agree. But they didn't so therefore the NRL made their luck for them.  Ours was created by a coach who took off in the middle of the night and a whole bunch of seedy characters jostling over control of the club. And even then it was a whistle blower, cant luck your way around that .

      We got fined , lost points and had to disassemble key parts of our team.  Not to mention Newcastle got to keep their team which certainly cost us a premiership. Tbh I now look at the 2001 loss equally as hard to swallow as the 2009 from a ripped off perspective. 

      • Same, now I'm even more bitter bout 2001.

        Losing the GF was the second worst thing to happen in 2001.

  • In my 51 seasons following the Blue n Gold I have the opinion that if there is luck in winning Parra gets a great deal more bad luck then good

  • The policing of the salary cap for the first 20 years was virtually non-existant. Worse than it is today.

    - Canberra were popped in 1990 and 1991. They were fined, not stripped of titles

    - In 2000 eight clubs including Warriors, Dogs, Storm, Newcastle, Parramatta, Penrith, Roosters and Sharks all popped for exceeding the $3.25m cap

    - 2001 Broncos issued breach notice for not disclosing information auditors and fined $50,000

    - 2002 Storm and Cowboys both fined for breaches

    - 2002 Dogs fined and stripped of points for $1m of salary cap breaches

    - 2003 Roosters, Newcastle, Broncos and Storm all popped for salary cap breaches

    - 2004 Six clubs including Melbourne popped for TPAs

    - 2005 five clubs, again including Melbourne fined for breaches

    - 2006 Warriors fined and stripped of points

    The thing that pisses me off the most is that Melbourne were fined and sanctioned nearly every year from 2000 onwards and the NRL didn't act until someone dumped the documents on a journo's desk. They could have nipped it in the bud early on given their half-arsed auditing was picking up breaches and they did nothing because they had to protect their investment.

    • Super that just shows the NRL didn't really want to do anything about it. 

      You need to look at people's actions - not their words. 

      All these breaches pretty much just show the NRL are massive hypochrites when it comes to salary cap breaches when teams like the Broncos and Storm who were or are owned by Newscorp were cheating the rules of the game they themselves partly own!

      All of these teams breaching the cap should have lost EVERY player they cheated to sign but they didn't.

      The NRL don't really care about cheating - just whether or not you will give them bad press over it. 

      • In a couple of years time you can add Newscorps latest acquisition, The Dolphins to that list.

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