We are the dark horse looming over the NRL horizon and all contenders for this years premiership will now be looking over their shoulders dreading the thought of having to play us, particularly @ Parra Stadium. Go the Eels. 

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  • Lol , love the passion but we are making up the numbers mate. There have been a load of teams in that middle part of the comp who have been in really bad form we have been consistently good and that's been enough. The storm , roosters , manly will be too much for us but we can build on this year. Just need to get rid of some more of the dead wood 

    • 1000% we may win the 1st game but that's it.

      We just not on the same playing field as scum and roorters.


      • If they make the top 4 and win game one unlikely but that woukd make it a storm v roosters semi final 

  • Yeah, such a good win. Newie came out to win in the second half and we rose to meet them. Best game of the season. 

    Put Fergo back in the team and we’re a chance of giving the big 3 a run 

  • True. 

    Still a long way off from the top 4 teams though.

    Have to learn to close off games. 

    • Thats exactly what we have done in the last two games Dopey!

      What planet do you live on?

      • Oh, poor little poppy Poppa has the pooey poo poo's.

        The lDragons and Newcastle were in the game right up to the last few minutes. We hardly punished them for the mistakes they made or for all the possession we had. 

        Storm, Roosters, Rabbits would have won that game by 18 plus points. That's closing a game off not scraping to a victory.

        Granted Moses had a bad kicking game. 

        Hope your poo poo nights get better Pop. 

    • Did you watch this game?

      • Never said we didn't play well. Just think we left Dragons and Newcastle with a sniff of victory.

        Such a huge difference between top 4 and the rest of the 8.

    • We just did tonight - we shut down the Knights over the final 20 minutes or so and gave then NOTHING to get back into the game. . 

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Dean Widders Super Sub replied to ScubaEel's discussion Remainder of the season
"Not that it matters but storm play roosters a round before they play us. Could be a good thing for us the intensity and hate that they play eachother, so storm could be flat against us, but storm being storm theyll find a way im sure."
1 minute ago
CarloEEL2 replied to ScubaEel's discussion Remainder of the season
"I’m so pissed . Some years I miss out on a local game altogether , and there’s always a very big local eels contingent . 
31 minutes ago
Brett Allen replied to Mr Analyst loves Rugbah Leeg's discussion Could Parra be Greener on the other side?
"Fiji now has a team playing RM Cup with a view to playing NSW Cup within 3 years, I think that is the way forward. "
33 minutes ago
DRIZA replied to ScubaEel's discussion Remainder of the season
"Yes Carlo and we can't get tickets to support the boys and make some noise at Newcastle this Saturday  . It will be another big test , not only can the chance for the team to. prove they have completely rid the monkey from their back with away form…"
33 minutes ago