• Broncos 

  • If the Tigers win today they will be in a contest for the last top 8 spot next week against the Sharks so it could be the Tigers.

    There are so many ways this could play out, if we beat Manly by 12 or more we finish 5th and play 8th, if we lose we finish 6th and play 7th.

    • Need to beat manly by 22+ to get ahead of them. We can't get lower than 6th now the Sharks lost today.


      • No we need to beat manly by 11 or more because their positive will decrease by that margin and ours will increase

        • Sorry,  you're right. Guess I should have listened closer to my Maths teachers!

  • You fcukin beauty

  • Best scenario would to play brisbane. Sharks in semi final would be tricky


  • Definately want to play Broncos.  We will blow them off the park in a full house at home.  Even rub of the green our way being at home.   Sharks lot lot harder to beat.

  • 1st case scenario:: Roosters defeat Rabbits by 26+ and we beat Manly by 26+ and we jump to 5th spot and still play Storm in Melb if they lose their 1st semi after winning ours and from there we then revenge all the News Limited/NRL years of corriuption waged against us since 1999, and then play Roosters or Rabbits or Raiders or possibly Sharks, Knights, Cronulla, Broncos or Tigers if any of them manage to get this far for a shot at the Grand Final which we go on to win. 

    2nd Case scenario: We neat Manly by 12+ and we jump into 5th spot and play the Broncos or Cronulla, Tigers or Knights at Bankwest, and from there after beating whoever, we play whoever of the above in the next finals game and win that and then play any of the above for a shot at the Grand Final which we will win. 

    3rd Case scanario: We beat Manly by less than 11 or we lose and still play @ Bankwest the following week against Sharks, Broncos, Knights, or Tigers, win that game and go on to play Storm, Roosters, Raiders or Rabbits and beat them and then play any of the above to go on and win that final and then win the GF the following week v whoever, ideally the Storm. 


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