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Was the review worth the cost? Swap Deal maybe? Lurker!!!

Was it worth the cost?
The Parramatta review is done and dusted and those close to the club are disappointed at its findings.

After many hours of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars, the only major change the Eels made was to bring in former Wests Tigers captain Mark O’Neill as general manager of football.

O’Neill is a good operator - but the Eels knew before the review ever began that they needed someone to fill this role and take some of the pressure off coach Brad Arthur.

Club insiders were hoping for more sweeping changes - and the Eels may struggle again in 2019 with little changing within the camp.

#3 DCE for Moses? Surely not
It’s the silly season and here’s a rumour that I’ve heard more than once over the past week.

It involves a player swap between Parramatta’s Mitchell Moses and Manly’s Daly Cherry Evans for 2019.

The Eels are desperate to offload Moses and could let Manly have him at a bargain basement price.

Manly, meanwhile, are looking to cut costs any way they can and could be tempted to eliminate the highest paid player on their roster.

The proposed swap deal is as crazy as a rugby league rumour gets.

My mail is inkling Manly coach Des Hasler is a big DCE fan and the No.7 won’t be going anywhere.

Swapping the Australian halfback for the inconsistent Moses would have Sea Eagles fans burning down what passes for a grandstand at Brookie Oval.

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Nothing was mentioned in the review because it would have put Gurr to shame.

He's played a dead bat to the members to protect himself.

How didn't at least one lose their job over this review?

The club is mile behind the rivals both on and off the paddock, yet no one held accountable for it?

The results astound me.

 The head coach safe 

The attacking coach apparently has had his contracted renewed for 2 more seasons

and the AFL gimp still has a role at the club, the only ones seemingly copping the blame are the players.

This club is a total embarrassment.   They spent how much on this fake review???

Attacking Coach?

Last year was the worst I have ever seen the Eels with the ball in hand.

It was easy to see how we smashed the knights in the heat with our AFL conditioner, we would have run rings around them lol...… Pity the season isn't in summer

you repeatedly state the afl gimp is still in charge,another falsehood you keep repeating over and over and over and over again -  Adrian Jimenez from Storm is head strength and conditioning and you could see improvement in that facet towards the back end of the season....but keep repeating it and it will become truth

just like chicken little....

The review was pure window dressing, all us realist's called it for what it was.  Didn't stop the Unicorns creaming their dacks though.

true mate its an Outrage

Maybe, just maybe, one day you will do a post where you don’t simply say you know everything and that who doesn’t agree or have the same predictive intellect you believe you are blessed with, is a simple deluded “unicorn”.

That day may also - if we are lucky - align with you actually contributing something alternate to how embarrassing the club is. 

Who are you again??? F****** nobody.


No. I’m me. Not nobody. Not very important I know. But still me just the same.

You are a classic though. Saying the same thing over and over, without drawing breath or changing the script even a little bit to keep it interesting for everyone else that spends time on the forum out of genuine interest for the Eels. You get a little bit of constructive feedback to help your posting ability and you resort to name calling.

That approach may work with children, but unfortunately most of us here are quite well adjusted adults. 

Most on here are well adjusted adults??? LOL!!  

How was the review anything but window dressing when nobody has lost their jobs no one has taken the blame for yet another spoon??? A HOF was on the agenda last season so honestly f*** all has changed yet the club spend a shitload on some fancy review which was to show the fans look at us we are doing something.  I couldn't give a rats what you think about what I post, at least I know I'm not the only Eels fan who feels this way.  You be happy waving those pom poms and eating those shit sandwiches the club loves dishing up to the fans.


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