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Was the review worth the cost? Swap Deal maybe? Lurker!!!

Was it worth the cost?
The Parramatta review is done and dusted and those close to the club are disappointed at its findings.

After many hours of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars, the only major change the Eels made was to bring in former Wests Tigers captain Mark O’Neill as general manager of football.

O’Neill is a good operator - but the Eels knew before the review ever began that they needed someone to fill this role and take some of the pressure off coach Brad Arthur.

Club insiders were hoping for more sweeping changes - and the Eels may struggle again in 2019 with little changing within the camp.

#3 DCE for Moses? Surely not
It’s the silly season and here’s a rumour that I’ve heard more than once over the past week.

It involves a player swap between Parramatta’s Mitchell Moses and Manly’s Daly Cherry Evans for 2019.

The Eels are desperate to offload Moses and could let Manly have him at a bargain basement price.

Manly, meanwhile, are looking to cut costs any way they can and could be tempted to eliminate the highest paid player on their roster.

The proposed swap deal is as crazy as a rugby league rumour gets.

My mail is inkling Manly coach Des Hasler is a big DCE fan and the No.7 won’t be going anywhere.

Swapping the Australian halfback for the inconsistent Moses would have Sea Eagles fans burning down what passes for a grandstand at Brookie Oval.

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I’m not waving pom poms. Stick to the script. My comment was simply about your alienation of your righteousness versus a possible alternate opinion. One that, on this occasion, I don’t actually have. An opinion on the review that is. Mainly because I haven’t read it. 

Just that perhaps someone does, but you wouldn’t want to hear that opinion. Because they are simply wrong and a dumb ass unicorn if they do. 

Simply getting old. 

What a lot of waffle, a lot of big words that say absolutely nothing.  Sounds very familiar......

Who else is like that??? 

So you haven't read the review but you have a problem with my comments??? lol.

As I said keep enjoying those shit sandwiches.

Have you read the review...? 

The club got staff copies made up goyoueels.

Ive just happened to get a complete copy in my mitts.

Unfortunately all copies were printed in braille as they were for the staff, coaches, Bern, board etc.

So im yet to translate it all at this point.

Come on mate, we are all adults here.

If you can't handle a bit of banter then ignore it!

I normally can mate, but just sick of it at the moment. Debate is good, but sometimes I just need to address repetitiveness. All good. I’ll be right in the morning 

Safe place? Huh? Why would I want that?

Well i'm sick of our team losing,we need changes Now and Allan is right by repeatedly saying what he says, as he is sick of seeing his team lose...............

We’re all sick of our team losing. Let’s try and find some solutions that are achievable is all I’m saying. 

I wouldn't worry too much if the supposed realists have it there way we'd still be back in the ice age anyways.

Rinse Wash Repeat is there answer keep howling at the moon and hope for the best.

You can't say that Marky !

Allan is never right, once he used to run everything out for me to look at before posting.....now he is just another old has been.

It seems Al that any one that waffles or says big words ( or admits to be old reminds you of someone), can't be very bright....I think you met your match with Goeels.

I prefer to talk racing with Al, he knows something about that......professional reviews that give us a business plan .....nah! much too amateur!

Truth invariably hurts, I get it but no matter how much it hurts it’s still the truth and needs to be heard/read.


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