Waqa Blake looking at 3-6mths on the sideline

‪Waqa Blake still in a sling; initial reports he suffered a shoulder subluxation (minor dislocation) at the 9’s. If confirmed usual treatment options:‬
‪- minimal structural damage/shoulder stable: rehab & 3-6wks recovery‬
‪- significant damage/shoulder unstable: surgery & 3-6 months‬



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  • Let's hope he is ready to start a full preseason. If last year is any indication they are straight into the physical aspects of the game, tackling, wrestling and skils......not like previous years where it just a physical torture test. We may not see him this side of Xmas???

  • The article says it could be 3-6 weeks or 3-6 months. NRL physio and lurker both have no idea about the extent of the injury.

  • Not surprising, he's injury prone.

  • Get the surgery done, get it fixed.

    • I'm inclined to agree Brett but realistically they are going to have top flight advice on this, 3-6 weeks the 3-6 months /is worst and best cases, if the injury doesn't require surgery then manipulation and physio is the response.....where I agree with you is at the margin i.e. if its serious, then yes do the surgery now! with the view to getting him back by March.

  • Looks like Jennings and taka will be resigned 

    • Taka fcuk noooooo


  • The 9's concept is a joke. These guys train to play 1 80 min game per week for 30 weeks...

    Not 6 18 min games over 2 days, mickey mouse half oztag half rugby league bullshit. It completely goes against their training and what theyre conditioning their bodies for. To the novice it might seem like no big deal, but the risk of injury would be that much higher that it's not worth the trouble. I would love it if we sent a NSW cup side to this stupid event, but knowing BA and what he's done in the past, he'll send close to our best side there. Pray for no more injuries as the last one is already going to significantly impact Nathan Brown and Waqa Blake's offseasons.

    As a player you would probably rather play in that than train. As a game , the decision makers should be protecting the players and 1 9s in the offseason and 1 in the preseason is far too much and not needed.

    • I agree. NRL is big business now. These Mickey Mouse rep games deliver nothing but risk to Nrl  clubs who pay the wages

  • Im sure parry can do a fine job with a good pre season under his belt

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