Vote --Matto's Back - Who drops out ??

Matteson will be back in this Friday's game against the Dragons.

Who drops out ?






Vote now 1.

It's going to be our strongest team to date and the team have a full roster..

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  • I thought Matto was going to miss another week.

  • Davey obviously lol 

  • If I was BA I would rest a few players, only because it's a short turn around, with a very heavy ground due to all the rain, players might be a bit flat, also we play the storm the following Thursday, and we need our full squad for that game.


    so my side vs the dragons would be..

    1: C Gutherson 

    2: H Dunster

    3: M Jennings

    4: B Takarangi 

    5: B Ferguson

    6 D Brown

    7: M Moses

    8: K Evans

    9: R Mahoney 

    10: O Kaufusi 

    11: S Lane

    12: R Matterson 

    13: N Brown


    14: R Stone

    15: A Davey

    16: M Nuikore 

    17: S Utoikimanu 

    I would rest RCG, Jr Paulo, W Blake and M Sivo

    • We cannot afford to throw  2 points away with St george , especially when we have a 50/50 chance against Melb to follow.....if these players cant get themselves up for Melb after we play Saints, they aren'tprofessional enough and I do not accept that.

  • On recent form it would have to be Kaufusi 

    • We know what Kafusi is capable of but is still learning and player of the future. Davey is finally showing what he can do, and has held his own against the opposition. I would put him in front of Evans at this point and based on the swimming pool game, certainly worth more time off the bench and possibly another years extension.

  • Yer must admit Davey is getting better and better

  • Looking at each club's injured list last night and no other club has their full roster available (bar Peni). Good luck, good physical preparation, good rehab, good management, all no doubt playing a part but in 3 months time having a healthy squad will be enormous for our chances of winning this comp. 

    As for who drops out, I'd say Davey as much as it pains me to say it as I love what this bloke offers the club. Evans and Kaufusi will rotate the props, Stone is the versatile energy guy who ups the tempo in the lat stages of each half, make the least amount of changes as possible.


  • I think Stone stays because he can cover hooker i think if we lost Reed not having cover on the bench is tempting fate. 

    Davey has done a great job and will keep being in and around. I think if you look on whats been our 1st choice team this season all are available so BA will resort to that.

  • Khafusi.

    He had me worried every time he had the ball on Sunday.

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