• Tough for Bevan French, that's a nightmare for any fullback.

    Congrats to James Graham playing his very last game as a pro, finally wins a GF. 

    • And former Eels junior and player Zeb Taia retiring with a comp.


    • He won his first back in 2006

  •  Not sure why French didn't bat it dead. He had enough time. Looks like he was waiting for it to go dead. Hope he puts it out of his head and doesn't dwell on it.

    • He had enough time to knock it away he looked like he was thinking about what to do next

  • Jesus. At least he didn't have a Parra jersey on when it happened.

    Reminded me of some of the comedy capers that the Eels get up to on the footy field. You know - like when that imbecile Moses hit the post in the Souths game, they ran the length of the field, and our 2020 campaign was officially over. Good times :)

    • If he had a parra jersey on, and he had done that in a GF, this site would have gone off lol

  • Bad luck happens to all of us..I am sure he would be the biggest critic of himself for not being able to predict how the ball would bounce. I would prefer to dwell on the things he did well throughout the season.

    • I wouldn't you learn nothing from focusing on the good he will see that a lot and will not make the same mistake again 

      • offside-- mate --you will always make mistakes if you focus on the bad



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