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Unicorn question - Why shouldn't BA be sacked

For all the remaining Unicorns on this site - this is your last opportunity to save Arthur.

Why shouldn't BA released ?

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Cause he loves Parra, he is a Parra man through & through, he bleeds blue & gold plus he took us to the top 4 last year, the only time we made the semi's in his 5 year tenure.

I will add that the players respect and LOVE playing for him plus he has shown he is a wonderful tactician, a tremendous recruiter, a magnificent developer and promoter of youth.

We will make a Unicorn out of u yet Frank!

I'm really glad to see that u refrain from indulging in sarcasm..... I don't believe in it myself.....mmmm

Only if and when Global Warming finally kicks in - I'm freezing to death ATM and could use a little bit of the promised warming.

Put the kids to bed, grab the Mrs and get warm together.  

MB.... please, this is a family site FFS.

Maybe I should delete that before a mod bans me.  

Our mod will ban you for gender discrimination by saying grab your wife and not saying grab your life partner . 

How long before we have all 33 genders added to the male or female part of the sign up page ? 

Are you 

male ? 

Female ? 

Rather not say ? 

Offended ? 



Lol Wiz


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