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Unicorn question - Why shouldn't BA be sacked

For all the remaining Unicorns on this site - this is your last opportunity to save Arthur.

Why shouldn't BA released ?

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Souths won a comp in 2014, lost players and have rebuilt again.

They sacked a premiership winning coach who had put together a decent roster for next season.  But still were ruthless brought in someone with new idea's and look were they are.

In that time we have had the same coach who has won nothing, achieved nothing but it is about to deliver us a wooden spoon and people still want to make excuses for him.

All I take out of your waffle Pops is it's not BA's fault because Souths were just too good and  it isn't fair so we should that the players tried for about 30 mins.  just typical of the fanbase.

Jesus tap dancing christ Souths being as good as they are is the perfect advertisement for p****** off BA and bringing in someone new with a new voice and new ideas.

All I take out of your waffle Pops is it's not BA's fault because Souths were just too good

Point 1. yes souths have done well

Point 2. why knock the coach over and over again? what changed from last night?

Point 3 . I have aknowledged  BA has the buck stop with him, I don't want blood, Chief and you obviously do!

Point 4. I said we were outclassed....right or wrong?

Point 5. Chief is relentless and has no right to issue ultimatums.

Point 6. is unsaid but has been said by many posters on this blog....if they bring someone in with a new voice and new ideas....why can't you wait?

Point 7. The players tried for 30 minutes, I think they tried to the end ....IMO

Point 8. I didn't know Jesus was a tap dancer and I thank you for the information, no doubt as accurate as most of your opinions.

Al, your Qld based now, maybe time for a new team....if this keeps going on for as many years as you expect, Chief as well for that matter.....you will be ready for the looney bin, as it stands it can't be good for your blood pressure and heart. 

Point 9. Maybe a less emotional pastime could be for you....how about tap dancing? you do seem very good getting around things!

9 points there and just more waffle from the king of Waffle, the King Unicorn.

And you have the hide to question my opinions??? LOL oh the irony!!!

When have you ever been right about anything on here ever you obnoxious old twat???

Stop sniffing you glue you silly old fart.

You forgot the try by one of the Burgess boys that should not have been awarded. They went to the bunker and they said Reynolds was in front of the kicker, it deflected off a parra player and picked up by Reynolds who then passed it to Burgess to score under the posts. If you listen to the bunker they say, " Reynolds if offside on the inside of the kicker, he then doesn't come into play and the ball is picked up by Cody Walker who come from an onside position and passes it to Burgess". The dumbass video ref can't tell the difference between a 6 and a 7. I was surprised the commentary didn't pick it up.

Yep, if only that one try wasn't awarded, we'd be just that tiny bit less shit.

Great analysis mate. Yet you have the hide to call others whinging phucktards.

lol Dr WRong.

That makes it so much better you whinging Phucktard.

And here we have folks the deluded Eels Unicorn in his natural habitat, inept performances from players on the field aren't the fault of the coach.   And there were only 3 tries difference so it wasn't that bad lol.

We did have a red hot crack last night but were still behind at halftime, Souths copped a bake from the coach at half time and then scored 5 of the softest tries I have ever seen scored on an edge in 20mins before they put the cue back in the rack. We score a couple of late tries and that is enough to bring out your inner Unicorn and think it wasn't that bad lol.  Further proof our fanbase just love mediocrity and are the most clueless in the competition.

Chief, are you Bernie Gurr?

Because it gives the phuktards on this site something to whinge about.

Except it isn't the last chance to 'save' Arthur...because neither you nor anybody on this site (myself included) has any control over whether Brad Arthur remains coach of Parramatta.....so why would anyone bother justifying anything to anyone on here?

Repeat...nobody on here has any influence whatsoever on what happens with the Eels....and anyone who says they do is just trying to stir shit

 this blogs getting funnier by the minute lol

I would let BA finish his contract but, only with the support staff comparable to what all the other clubs are getting. Currently BA is operating with a staff of 24, the top clubs operate with 36. Would any coach come to a club that won't spend money where it's needed, NO. There are 3 ways this could go, 1. Give BA the staff he needs, this would see whether BA can or can't coach. 2. Sack BA and hire a new coach but give him the same resources BA had, this won't end well. or 3. Sack BA and get the new coach all the staff he needs, the new coach succeeds and all the phuktard whingers come out beating their (sunken) chests saying how right they were about BA's coaching ability. So, why not give BA what he needs, I think this is the fairest way to see whether he can or can't coach.


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