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  • The only reason I can give is that he wants to stick by the team unlike Stuart who would have bolted for the door; and credit for good management in face of the cap scandal.
  • What's the definition of a Unicorn?

  • 1) We would need to pay out his 2019 contract

    2) Our problems are deeper than the Head Coach. We desperately need an experienced Head of Football to oversee the formation of the game’s highest calibre and best resourced Football Department. (Bernie needs to stop embarrassing himself and step aside from this role)

    3) Getting a new Head Coach for 2019 may bring some instant success but without Point 2 it will be short lived and we’ll be back here in a few years. 

    Not saying BA should be untouchable but I’m more interested in establishing the proper foundations for long term success. Penrith aren’t killing it because of Griffin. It’s much larger than just one man. 

    • Agree.  Focusing on one man in this is nuts.   

    • All what Mutt said. I think he earned a lot of respect with his handling of the salary cap farce and that alone should have bought him some time. I think he can coach and you don't forget how to coach overnight, but there have been some mitigating circumstances out of his control.

      • The apparent lack of staff
      • Max and/or Bernie not doing a proper review of the 2017 season and working out how we can improve the footy club side of things
      • The NRL changing the rules regarding penalty crackdowns which slowed the game significantly and helped the bigger packs not our smaller, more mobile pack
      • Not really an excuse if you have depth, but we've had some significant longer term injuries to key players
      • The Kenny Edwards debacle

      It's fair to say we overachieved in 2017, not many would put their hand up and say they saw Top 4 coming. That was the time for Max and Bernie to sit down with BA and say "righto, we went pretty well this year, but we need to improve. What do we need for 2018 to make things better? We can't stagnate and stand on our laurels, we need to keep moving forward, Brad what do you see us needing and we'll get it". Instead, it seems they mistakenly thought we were on the right track and they could actually shed some staff and let Bernie run as Head of Football instead of concentrating on his other duties, which should already have been a full time job.

      A lot of players have been very ordinary this year, whether that's them being a year older, burnout from a long 2017 given the style of play we had with a smaller pack consistently outmuscling the bigger packs, maybe there's unrest between some of the players and there's factions forming, or whether BA has lost some of the players, I don't know. But if the players cannot put in for a coach that stood by them through the salary cap disaster in the manner that BA did, then for me, it's the players that need moving on, not the Coach.

      • Well said mate, can’t disagree with any of that

      • This. Brad needs to stay on and the club makes a final determination by round 12 next season - if he can't turn things around with the full support of Bernie and prominent others, then goodbye. The way M Jennings defended last night was extremely uncharacteristic - he let in 3 to 4 tries and with it went the demise of the Eels. 

    • Exactly Mutt. There are some average coaches doing very well this year. Look at St George for instance - they were hopeless the last few years but should make the top 8 easily and will probably do very well, with the same coach. Souths have a rookie coach too and they are doing well. Getting a new coach now is like putting lipstick on a pig, and won't really get to the core issue at the club that has been simmering away. In fact you could argue that the club has never really been at the top of it's game and it was only through the skills of a number of people that we hold 4 premiership titles. Jack Gibson started the ball rolling, but the club never built on that. We have never recovered from that mistake.

      • They are fkn passing the ball they score they win fuck ba he tells the boys off for passing he wants 1 man out crap ba is the only problem he is in charge so he should go first stupid unicorns don’t want Parra to win or make finals its fkn 1 in 5 years people times up piss off ba and take your unicorn supporters with u to manly

    • Spot on Mutt. Could not agree more.

      People also dribbling over coaches like Siebold etc need to look at what he inherited and what our coach has inherited. Teams like Souffs have a few rep and international players in the roster.

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