U19 State of Origin

Other then Larry Muagututia  on the bench for NSW do we have any other representation across both teams.   Further how important a rep team is this for future NRL talent.

What is the coversion rate of an SG Ball player to consistent NRL player in a 30 man squad I wonder ??



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      • Pezet was a Knights junior before Melbourne snapped him up.

  • It wasn't that long ago when Parra would have a minimum of 4 players in game like these , in one they had 7 players . The Club has really gone backers with it's juniors .

    • true fongy, our junior grades are going poor, our talent indentification is poor and theres no accountability at the club.

      We are lacking the heart and soul of a Penrith and we have a CEO who's got no idea about RL, hes just been hand picked by the auditor because they worked together.


  • You would think with our nursery we would have a better representation than just one player. Why we let Trey Mooney go is surprising. 

    • You have already answered your own question MB . We cannot keep everyone.

    • there was a promo piece on club socials the other day saying there 23 players playing in rep round this weekend, across SOO, Tests, etc etc - i would say thats a fairly healthy representation.

  • It should be noted that Will Penisini & Sean Russell are still age eligible to have been picked. 

    • Well Penisini is in Tonga squad so that is why he was not picked, though not sure why Russell was not.

      Samuel Loizou is eligable also, along with JA. Wonder if club simply said do not bother or if there are rules in place to avoid NSW cup players or something. Maybe you can elaborate on that Brett.

      • The point I was making that our pathways system isn't nearly as deficient as some here woukd have you believe. 

        • Please don't take my question as being rude or having a dig


          I was actually asking a question as I didn't know haha

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