Trent Robbinson.

I can not understand why he is not under pressure to keep his job. He has had the best roster for years and should of won way more games and comps then they have. Where BA from the mighty eels gets more out of his team with far less talent.  They are the NRL pets and get rules changed for them along the way ie.. salary cap dis for union players because they want to sighn that Australia winger. If the roosters wanted Scott the Nrl deliver him on a golden plate. They have the best roster in the comp and should have won it last year. So what is the bench mark for Robbo to keep his job, anything less than a grand final win should result in an automatic sacking.  I would take BA as a coach over this red faced winging underachieving citi coach any day of the week. 


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    • This is spot on. I've been saying it for years - Gutherson isn't a captain. Neither is Moses or Dylan Brown. Our team, whilst undoubtably talented, hasn't had any decent on-field leadership for a long time, probably since Cayless retired. 

      • If you asked many outside of our club who the top 3 club captains in the comp are, I think you will get an approval rating of over 90% for Guth.....when I talk to people about this and say the "one eyed eel" is very negative Guth as a captain, they laugh and do not believe it.....he is a natural leader. he is also an inspirational leader by the type of performances he puts in every week.

        Many on here have the perception that becuase he dared "berate" a couple of players over their fcukups that he is a poor leader. Obviously not the same people ever saw Cameron Smith tearing strips of Storm players, not to mention his coach going off in the box.

        On field decisions are a different thing and Moses seems to know and understand the best of the minute/r decisions that get made, ie captains challenges etc.....This discussion is moot, Guth is your on the field leader and he should ascent to Moses making the small decisons.....kicking or not kicking for goal seems to come from the sideline anyway? and that seems to be the case for most clubs.

        So leadership in summary is something most on here should not comment on, that especially is radical exaggerators like Wiz who makes up half the facts before explaining why he is right.....a good part of identifying leadership is seeing who "they" follow, it's not usually the one's people call poor losers.

        Most of the "nellies" on here follow the "sqeakiest noise, the people that understand leadership will follow the best result for the team.

        Time and time again we see people like "you know the ones" don't give a stuff about the team as long as they can berate someone in it or coaching it. How mant times do we ask "are you really a parra supporter ??"

        • There's a stark difference between being a 'club captain' and the on-field captain. During the 80s and 90s, Parramatta's 'club' captain was different to the on-field captain.

          I agree with you that Gutherson is a great club captain. But I stand by my beilief that he is not a great on-field leader. He doesn't know how to handle the referees for example. 


          • "He is willing to put light in others and improve others and make the team better and that is a huge quality."

            This term could easily be applied to Gutherson, who highlights every potential pitfall and moment of opportunity to attack for his side throughout the 80 minutes.

            "He coaches the 12 other blokes on the field," Cartwright said.

            "He tells everyone what to do and where to be at the right time."

            After his place was called into question at the start of the season with rumours swelling of the Eels wanting to find a fullback who had more x-factor, Gutherson has responded with a stellar campaign.  

            He has scored 16 tries in 17 appearances, while also providing nine assists and making 13 linebreaks to go with his untold number of decisive defensive actions which often can’t be found on the stat sheet.

            Alongside Mitchell Moses, the duo has formed an indelible partnership for Parramatta. Yet while it is Moses who is often touted to be in charge of steering the ship around, even he will submit to the command of Gutherson.

            "Mitchell will have a cry to the ref, and he will pull him straight in line... it’s little things like that," Cartwright smiled.

            Since making the switch from the Northern Beaches over to the Eels in 2016, Gutherson has been ever-present for Parramatta.

            He has failed to make over 20 appearances or more in just two seasons throughout the years, while racking up double figures for both tries and assists for four straight campaigns. 

            "The effort he puts into his game on and off the field is something I haven’t seen before," Cartwright said.

            "He’s ultra-reliable, a competitor and a leader as well," J'maine Hopgood added. 

            "When he talks, everyone listens." 

            Reece Walsh praises Clint Gutherson for his defensive work

            Although Gutherson often doesn’t receive the credit he deserves for his attacking output, it doesn’t mean he goes unnoticed by those in the game.

            While he is categorised as a toiler at the back when compared to the likes of Reece Walsh and Latrell Mitchell, the Queensland fullback admitted he had attempted to emulate Gutherson when it came to doing the little things which mattered to the team away from the glare of all the highlight reel flick passes and cut-out balls.

            "I try to study and watch Gutho as much as I can," Walsh said earlier in the year.

            "He is one of best defensive fullbacks in the comp. You watch him and he is always on his bike working his butt off for the team and saving more tries than some teams are scoring.

            "The way Gutho moves at the back, the way he talks to his middles and the way he gets in the defensive line and is always there saving something I am slowly trying to get into my game."

            Clint Gutherson is the 'heart' of Parramatta Eels

            The 28-year-old’s willingness to do anything necessary for the team to win also caught the eye of NSW coach Brad Fittler, who recalled Gutherson to the representative arena for Origin III this month.

            His exile of sorts, after featuring for the Blues in the centres in 2020, is just one of many obstacles he has had to overcome during his career.

            "He’s had to deal with a lot of adversity too, he’s overcome the ACL's," Cartwright continued.  


            "He doesn’t look that big on TV, but he’s all muscle. His preparation before training... he’s
            strong in the gym, he can lift a s***load. 

            "His intensity at training is very high. It’s like he’s playing a game and he just doesn’t shut up.

            "Gutho is probably the most important player in our team. He’s the heart of the team, he’s the glue and he’s one of the best blokes you’ll ever meet.

            "He’s a larrikin as well. He’s always bagging someone out and that’s the culture we have at Parra - someone always cops it.

            "It’s a pretty tight-knit group and Gutho runs the ship."

          • As I said "noty" leadership is not well understood by many on here!

            • It's as though Gutho has to be like Cam Smith the in game coach which would be great but there are many ways to lead.

              What Gutho does in the preseason during the preparation stakes has leadership written all over it.

              As for in games Gutho empties the tank squeezes the lemon to give every last ounce of what he's got if that's not leadership I don't know what to tell those who doubt him as a leader.

              Was it the Riff game last year when he did his knee in the closing minutes.We we're done out of playoff contention but this guy is still trying to finish the game.Giving it all again and again.

              There are many guises leadership unveils itself as you mention Pops.I think alot just look at a certain thing and that's leadership.

            • That's all good and well Poppa, but factoring all of that, how many premierships has it led to? Although Penrith probably would have won the 2022 GF, it's undeniable that Parramatta shat the bed when they ran onto the field. As soon as Penrith scored that opening try, their bundles dropped. A trait all too common with Parramatta in recent seasons when the going gets tough and they fall behind on the scoreboard. 

              Gutho's brilliant leadership hasn;t been able to stop that happening on an all too frequent basis. Gould (and others) have repeatedly said that Parramatta have a soft underbelly. They are right and that sits squarely on the leadership of the team. 

  • why  don't we just worry about our backyard instead of deflecting.  The fact is that brad has only won 33% of finals series games that he's coached.   The club must start sorting his replacement 

    • Using that logic Chief your so far off it isn't funny.

      Whose extending Arthur apparently if we use your logic we look for Arthur's replacement but keep the mindset that kept extending him.

      You know what a contradiction is well your logic is basically that.

      • I can see Chiefy reading that Coryn and then asking his "cat" what does he mean?


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