Trent Robbinson.

I can not understand why he is not under pressure to keep his job. He has had the best roster for years and should of won way more games and comps then they have. Where BA from the mighty eels gets more out of his team with far less talent.  They are the NRL pets and get rules changed for them along the way ie.. salary cap dis for union players because they want to sighn that Australia winger. If the roosters wanted Scott the Nrl deliver him on a golden plate. They have the best roster in the comp and should have won it last year. So what is the bench mark for Robbo to keep his job, anything less than a grand final win should result in an automatic sacking.  I would take BA as a coach over this red faced winging underachieving citi coach any day of the week. 


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  • Gutho great player but shit captain. Junior is worse as captain. We don't have a great leader

    • A shit captain Georgie Boy.....have you ever been a captain Georgie and if so what made you a "no shit captain" ?

    • Captains lead from the front and that' is exactly what he does, there is no one better suited for the job, How the fuck is he a shit captain??

      • No doubt Guth is a natural leader and makes a brilliant club captain but our 2 captain set-up is a disadvantage. 

        A captain should be close to the ear of the ref to subtlety and constantly point out a few things. The big man doesn't seem to be a prolific talker and for the most part a fullback is too far from the ruck 

        Other players can talk all they like but without the c next to their name they become more of a nuisance to the ref

        I don't like the idea of any fullback being the captain 

        • I agree Paulo should not be co captain I would give it to hopgood.

          • I hate the notion of Co-captains overall. Some players do not need the captain tag to be a leader. Gutho is the captain, we all know that.

            Hopgood would be good as vice-captain, then take over post Gutherson.

  • Haha FMD.

    You seriously cannot be serious?

    Robinson is a Muppet no doubt and I'm no fan, but at least he has delivered the Roosters 3 premierships during his 10 year tenure.

    He has 'bought' some good will. The roosters however will get rid of him if they don't run deep over the next season or two. Something Parra would never consider doing if the shoes were on the other foot.

    What the fuck has BA done during this exact same period Electric? How has he kept his job if you are measuring success why not compare the two - ill wait

    • It amazes me how people call a three time premiership winner crap but our coach who has delivered nothing in 10 years, is a legend.

      So what is the problem. 

      Is our team average or is our coach average?

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