Total Points vs Storm

Will we score a try?

How many of the halves will we not score a try in?

How many points do you think we'll need to win?

I copped a pasting asking the same before we played Penrith, and what do you know we didn't score.  It will be a fast, dry track. Where would you guys attack them?

Seriously , if we are completely inept with the ball against a top side yet again, it would have to be time BA really comes under the microscope even from his biggest supporters. It's a huge game for him in his coaching career imo, we've offered nothing in these games for far too long. Hopefully we score more points than bottles of water BA goes though over the 80. Its time we show something in big games BA.

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  • To be fair we showed plenty in our 1st semi last year, but the follow up against the storm was abysmal. I think we have a red hot chance if the refs actually referee the game, and not let referee's boss Smith dictate the speed of the game and the result. The key lies with our forwards, I really think we can match them there if we play to our potential for the full 80. The last 2 weeks have shown improvements in this regard, but as you said, nows the time to step it up. I think its a bit harsh to say BA will have to be under the microscope with a loss. If it was another 50 point spanking, then yeah for sure, but if we are competitive and lose, then no. Just remember how many finals games Bellamy and some of those core Storm players have had together. BA and our squad haven't had that luxury. I'm hoping we're far better for the run from last year. I think if we get some luck, because we will definitely need it, we win 22-18.

    • That's a fair comment mate ! in my opinion though that Broncos final last year was an odd one . They clearly shouldn't have been there and have only provided much of the same since. 

      I think the best finals performance we've had under BA was the game we played vs Melbourne there in 2017. We went within a whisker of taking it and came up with some stuff out of the box we hadn't shown much of before. Unfortunately we went back to not being able to do anything with the ball a week after and that's been the common thing in our time under BA. We don't come up with enough point scoring opportunities against good defences. 

      I think their will be opportunities but they'll be few and far between and we'll have to nail them and defend for our lives . All too often we don't execute and we've been woeful with this the last half of this regular season . We need to be switched on and have attention to detail . Kicking the ball dead has to go .. Guthos short kicking has to improve , and I think we really have to use Waqa as a target in the air with well placed kicks . It's literally all the Dragons do with Lomax and it's even got them a tonne of trys . We also have to really look to play through the middle . Reed has to offer some variety and the halves can't keep running our outside guys out of room . Moses needs to be prepared to wear a hit rather than sell dumps which he did a great job of last night . 

      I'm expecting more of the same sideways shit and an inability to execute the big moments and another real struggle to score . Last years final vs Storm showed us how far we are off the pace and i'm not sure we've done much to improve at all.. we've more regressed . I hope i'm wrong and it comes together but i'm not sure we've done a good enough job of building the attack throughout the season . I think that's a massive failing of BA and Murph but I'm hopeful we get enough right to give us some encouragement and ideas for our next finals task . 

      • We're going to have to have a lot of things go our way, for sure. Are we capable of beating them, absolutely, but can we execute well enough, and for long enough periods of the match to do so, we won't know until 9pm Saturday night.

    • I really hope so

  • I've never been more confident, eels to manage possession & field position through our forwards and great kicking game. 

    Moses & Mahoney to kick early into corners find the ground and continue to have Melbourne coming of their line in attack.

    Also Parramatta will play a little more structured with less off loads to maintain a high completion rate.

    Parramatta by 10pts final score 16 - 6

  • It's pretty easy to bash BA and I am not a huge fan BUT getting to 3rd place (above the Roosters) is an amazing result. I reckon we can run with the Storm in the forwards. Just need to be on top of their fast backs and hope for a few calls to go our way. It's much better playing them in Brisbane than in Melbourne for this game....

  • Sometimes there are blogs where you think, okay, this blokes bored but has something smart or interesting to say.

    This isn't one of those times.

    • So you're floating around commenting on blogs you have no interest in. Living your best life .

  • The bench needs to play above their best.

  • I’m tipping a Melbourne win, 28-16

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