Top priorities for Parramatta

If you had to list the top 10 priorities at this point in time for Parramatta as a club:

1. Sack BA and replace him with someone, anyone

2. Opacic to go. Penisini in for rest of the season

3. Change the defensive strategy. No more rushing defence. 

4.Clear out the journeymen.

5. Offer gutho a take it or leave it 600k contract. If he doesn't take it go hard for manu

6. Drop sivo and seriously consider whether he is worth retaining

7. Teach waqa how to pass or shift him to the wing

8. Put d Brown in the centres. If he doesn't perform consider whether he is worth resigning.

9. Is it to late to reneg on Nathan browns extension. I honestly don't know what he brings other than stifling the attack and slow play the balls.

10. Make sure BA is sacked. 

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  • 1. But I don't think anyone will sack BA. I think he will see his contract out unfortnately

  • Sivo has resigned for a further 2 years

  • I would sack BA. Hopefully bennet comes in. He will be able to tell who is worth keeping. Love to see al these players under better coaching. Sivo needs to lose some muscle. We are playing an 80min game of high intensity. Not weight lifting.

  • BA is done, the buck stops there and unfortunately for all of us he couldn't get us to the promised land. He tried hard, bleeds blue m gold, took us from jokers and might of just returned us. We gotta pay what ever it takes to sign Bellamys twin brother 

  • Get a mental coach. This team cannot cope mentally.

    We haven't won since the Qld bubble started and have gotten progressively worse. 

    Adversity = Parra capitulation. We are now abysmal.

  • Cant seriously see Brad Arthur being sacked. However, being asked nicely to leave in the interest of the club going forward is a better option..

    I think that Flanagan is the bloke to change things around at the Eels because he has some good tactical skills and he's a tough character and the Eels need a tough coach who won't stuff around and who knows the game. I think Flanagan is seriously the only coach that could break the Eels drought.

  • I wrote the other day saying how poorly our club is being run and set up its a job for the mates .Gould jst spoke about Penrith and how they put the best people in the right positions to develop the right juniors and develop them so there right for 1st grade .Parra have destroyed there juniors the competition is a joke and there pathways are a participation an all inclusive approach. Instead of picking the best 20 to 25players they pick 50 which come from 2nd and  3rd division and the training and 2nd hand training gear is a joke no honour or prestige or professionalism for the better players what's so ever .The top kids get better training from there clubs. They walk away learning nothing by being trained by  coaches that have no idea and are there purely because they are mates with someone and training with kids that can't pass or tackle.Unfortunately the club is not serious about being the best when they have set ups at junior level like this the better kids leave disappointed.This approach filters right through the whole club the general manager the coach the assistants the player roster everything is 2nd rate to  how the top clubs  operate .

    • yep, our recruitment manager is Mark O'neils BEST MATE!! what a disgrace.

  • Our tactics are rubbish both in attack and defense. 
    sivo needs to go he is a Passenger unfortunately looks like Tarzan plays like Jane. 
    Waqa to wing

    Penisini to centre

    Marata to centre 

    Sack BA  

  • Need new coach and assistant coach. Both are thick as two bricks with no game strategy. Also Need new centres and wingers.  

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