To our top 34, coaches and training staff


1, Stay focused on the game plan for 80 minutes, maintaining attacking and defensive shapes?

2. Maintain strong intensity for 80 minutes?

3. Be consistent with your defensive line speed, pushing up fast & in a straight line for 80 minutes?

4. Trust your team mates on either side, in front and behind to do their job so you don't break ranks?

5. Hurt and be hurt for 80 minutes without losing focus and intensity for 80 minutes?

6. Be calm, composed and relaxed playing through at least 4800 seconds?

7. Each do what you train to do successfully in attack and defence for the whole game?

8. Make the decisions, corrections and motivations when required to empower all of the above

If all these points are taken care of, then everything else that matters in a game will be taken care of and there is nothing to stop you from getting into the finals and go on to win the big one this year.

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  • Chocolate, Are you talking about robots?

    • The simple discipline of the NRL life of each player not wavering from the dreams to succeed in a team sport.

      As a team effort, collectively, whoever does the 8 points better than other NRL squads will go on to win and win and finally win the big prize.

      Potentially, there are so many other voices/conversations going on in the head that are not in simpatico with the dreams of life they live for which will, in this case, diminish the focus of the NRL dreams they hold/live-for, leading to the NRL dream being deeply compromised and nullified of its true power.

      This lack of real harmonizing comes only from the players, staff, coaches, trainers, etc, wavering from the 8 point focus and this happens due to the strong e-motions pulling at them, those voices in their heads that do not belong in the NRL dream of life they say they live for - what makes them get out of bed, train, play, etc, for 20+ years of their lives. 

      And yes, those lost to the persuading, destructive e-motions (doubt, uncertainty, complacency, loss of discipline, focus, composure, disharmonious mood swings, etc,) are robots trained to go against the BIG PICTURE of their heartfelt NRL dreams of life so they never come to fruition. They don't have the steely discipline to keep out the dark side (so to speak).

      Every year listening to interviews with players, coaches, ceo's, etc, these simple common themes (the 8 points) keep reappearing but very few go on to succeed because they have not conquered those dark voices in their heads.

      Of note, Mark O'Meley had it spot on as shared in this recent video - "fight that little man in your head":

      O'Meley plans to instill grit in NSW Under 20's
      True Blue Mark O'Meley speaks with ahead of the CABE NSW Under 20's clash against Queensland on Wednesday night.
  • And 1+1=2

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