A Titian player has complained to the NRL that a Knights player called him a Black ....! in last week's game. The Knights player refutes this. He says he did call him a .... but did not call him a Black .... !!???. This seems to be a case of upside-down racism! The Knights administration seemingly supports their player thereby approving of the use of the word ... ?  but not of the words Black ....!  We have come a long, long way in race relationships---only two weeks ago we could have called anything at all. Of course, the Knights are trying to get their man cleared to play in the semi-final next weekend. They should remember that they are playing South Sydney who has in excess of fifty percent of players either indigenous or part indigenous heritage! They will welcome a white guy who called one of them a Black .... in a way they only know-how---and I am not talking about pointing the bone here! If the NRL clears the Knights player then it is ok to call someone a ..... If they penalize him then it may be ok to call someone, a ....  but not ok to call him a Black ..... Interesting how the law will be applied here.

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    • Did somebody say KFC 

  • Well there are going to be many changes taking place for example:

     1) Coon cheese will change its name.

    2) Blacktown will change its name.

    3) Coonabarabran will chane its name

    4) Coonamble will change its name

    5) GinGin will change its name

    6) The colour Black will be changed

    7) The Black Sea will change its name 

    Thats only a tiny speckle of changes coming.


    • The Captain Cook Hotel near the SFS is now called  the Captain !

      • If that's happened because of some politically correct indigenous theme then that is a disgrace.

        The ignorance on here about our history and its champions says so much about the squeaky wheels that the protestors have no understanding of.

        Captain James Cook was a world class navigator, the second human being to navigate the world and discovered effectively the East Coast of Australia and opened up many new territories.

        If these politically correct numb nuts want to change history  then there is no reason to have any facts in any story.

        Shame Shame Shame not on Captain Cook or any world explorers just the miserable bastards that want to feel warm and fuzzy about themselves.

        • Agree Pops its a disgrace.

        • Its True, I drove past the Captain Hotel Paddington today and to make matters worse the advertising on the awning read AYE AYE CAPTAIN. To their credit the Staue hasnt been removed.    Craft Margaret River Brewer Colonial has also been dumped and bullied into a name change by certain suppliers due to its non politically correct brand name ! 

      • Fair dinkum? Thats unbelievable. What about the 'Cook Islands' ? There will heaps of name changes towns, street names, etc...

    • Was looking for a new car. Made the decision on type and model .. and I asked the sales man over the phone if he had any black or white coloured cars in stock ... he then said 'yes, we do have light and dark colours in stock...' I thought fuck me what's this world coming to. 

      • Thats absoutely ridiculous. I agree thats the worlds going crazy. Its idiotic


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