• Moron.

  • Goose

    • Wtf you on and what ?


  • Agree he is all of those things. 

  • Benny you're a dumb ass

    • Union is not allowed you peanut.


  • The reality is Benny that Cheika has probably done his dash now and my guess is he will be having a rest.....

    That said your disrespect should be noted in terms of your critique, Cheika has been a very successful coach and businessman  and as an achievement level of "life persuits" you embarrass yourself by your blog. No doubt you can compare your own achievement levels as a comparison.

    You insult him and throw in Brad Arthur because that makes you think your clever, whereas you are a one line dumbass who is not capable of putting a paragraph together that makes sense.

    Stick with your intelligence level Benny, which is obviously very low!

  • Benny, you're not the only one calling for his head. He'll be lucky to survive for too much longer you'd think.

    Cheika's, passionate, blunt and pig headed. Qualities I like. But there's little give in his ideologies.

    We're now 7th in the world behind Japan - our worst (since rankings started in 2003). Cheika and the Wallabies' rise & fall is almost complete, after the last 5 years.

    What struck me, in the Post-game interview was that Cheika was still sticking to his guns on playing "our brand" - attacking expansive footy : "not defend and kick".

    Not the boring stuff.

    He also said they've had their "best footy" in the last two years."

    But still losing? I was scratching my head.

    There's no give. No adaption. Ironically, both Hooper & Cheika admitted England's defence and control in vital moments and set pieces were the difference (as well as the Wallabies poor execution). Is the fact we've struggled to beat a team like England losing the last 7 matches to them 7-0, telling us something: maybe, changes in thought processes are needed?

    You can't win consistently without decisive, tough  defensive attitude, skilled set plays, and a good positional kicking good - the boring stuff - setting the foundation for both counter-attack and full on attack; and you can also attack with your defence. 

    Even Napoleon, a brilliant offensive general, who exploited weaknesses in defences, found out the hard way you can't underestimate a decisive defensive attitude. He did and lost everything despite winning 52 out of 60 battles: winning 86%.

    Cheika's heading towards half of that and maybe a new direction soon. But I hope he finds success. He deserves it. 



    • Well said HOE, you have analysed the position very well and my reference to him having a rest is connatated to your views.

      My criticism of Benny is just the lack of respect in  his flippant personal views of Cheika.

    • Spot on..funny thing is the wallabies have been boring to watch because there is a time to run, a time to kick for field position and a time to ruck,maul it up..old mate cheika wants to run all the time which is just fucking stupid.

      Beatle needs to go to..that chip kick coming out of our 22 was under 12's shit..and all his intercepts and he can't tackle for shit..another cheika favourite.

      Heads need to roll starting with the tranny CEO.

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