Tigers star answers Storm SOS

The Melbourne Storm are set to sign Tigers flyer David Nofoaluma for the remainder of the 2022 season, ending their desperate search for an outside back recruit.

After being heavily linked to Warriors fullback Reece Walsh, as well as contacting the Titans about Jayden Campbell’s availability — the Storm are finally set to land their man.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Nofoaluma is preparing to make the switch south, hoping to revive his season after a turbulent year.

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  • The NRL will ensure the Storm remain competitive. They have to.

    No doubt Storm recruits will receive top ups from the NRL.


    • Happening as we speak 🙊 No corruption in the NRL 😂 they're squeaky clean 🫧

  • Storm making moves to chase another premiership

    Parra asleep at the wheel with Bailey Simonsson and Brad Big Brain Arthur

    Edit: does Mark O'Neill actually do his job at all? We never replaced Curtis Scott either

    • We have 2 injured players currently. Why do we need to find replacements?

      • Is this a serious question Muttman? I honestly thought you were smarter than this. You are one of the more reasonable and intelligent posters in this place.

        Reason 1 is Curtis Scott roster position was never replaced. So we are effectively playing with 29 instead of 30 players. Does this sound like the best use of our resources in a premiership window? 

        Reason number 2 is Bailey Simonsson is absolute trash and has been holding us back all year. Sure, BA could  promote Sean Russell (i wish he would) but he seems incapable of doing that too. Noafoluma would be a welcome addition over Bailey Simonsson. 

        • Youve answered your own question. If you don't like Simonsson we have Russell. 
          I don't know about roster spots re Scott's position so can't comment. 
          Storm got Noafaluma because he's basically on the outer at the Tigers currently and their season is cooked. Walsh and Addo-Carr's clubs both turned down the Storm. It's not as if clubs outside the 8 are happy to release their top players to play for someone else. Pangai Jnr was released from Brisbane because he was leaving anyway and their season was also cooked. If you can see other similar situations in areas we need then by all means point them out. 

          • I wish they would use Sean Russell. He scored 3 tries in 40 minutes. Bailey has scored 3 tries in over 15 matches. 

            BA has an almost pathological sense of loyalty to some real shitty players.

            • I'm a huge fan of Russell's. He's an excellent finisher, has good hands, good speed and his kick returns are surpisingly excellent as well. 

            • Yeah Raptor I just don't get it, why Russell does not get a go. If he hadn't had his ribs busted do we think he would  have been  dropped when Sivo came back? 

              • I reckon if Russell didn't get his ribs busted he easily would have out performed Bailey Simonsson and likely stayed in first grade when Sivo got back, yes. 

                Surely Bailey gets dropped then. Not sure how he is so protected. Fergo copped way more hate from the fans and he was 10 times the player Bailey is.

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