Tigers sponsor rips apart club

This is an absolutely brilliant podcast. A Tigers sponsor explains the incompetence in the club when it comes to recruitment and retention. Would have loved to hear something from an Eels sponsor during the dark years.

To paraphrase: Justin Pascoe thought he could replace James Tedesco with Michael Gordon and he'd get the same result. And before that, he goes through how the board doesn't know how to use leverage in player negotiations.


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  • Does the sponsor pull his support from the Tigers? 

    • He didn't clarify. He did say he was trying to help the club retain Tedesco and he was asked if he could pull together $50K would that keep him (sounds like a breach of TPA). But apparently, they told him he was about to announce he was staying and needed to pull the money together and he told the Tigers that they'd blown their leverage. If the sell to the sponsors was keeping Teddy with the club, then why were they announcing he'd already decided to stay? It meant the motivation for the money was no longer there.

  • I found Adrian's comment that he's heard word that Parra are going to have a crack at Stefano Utoikamanu when he becomes available after the 2023 season. By that stage, he'll be an elite prop - he's been very good for the Tigers this year!

    • Yeh I was a little surprised by that. Maybe replacing RCG? Reg will be 29 next year and maybe they might be looking at refreshing the middle with some more youth.

      We'd obviously be a very attractive proposition, a lot more promising than the Tigers anyway.

      • I think he has been overated at Wests,

        I do not believe he would be in our 17 if he was still with us. 

        He is still lazy and has a poor work rate.......BIg NO!

        • I'd prefer Alex Twal.

          • Agree, whenever I have watched wests, Twal has pretty much played long minutes and on a lot of occassions full games, he is a non stop player, & while I doubt he would make rep status, he plays well both defensively and in attack.

            He doesn't score many tries but he makes up with his work rate.

            • Not scoring many tries is an understatement. He doesn't have a first grade try to his name.

        • He is learning bad habits at west's at a better club he'd go to another level - that club is the new titans 

        • Terrible judge Poppa. 

          He is incredibly advanced for his age. 

          He's a future rep player - easily. 

          The Tigers got a steal off us - but I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to come back to - you know - play finals footy. 

          Tigers couldn't even win at bingo. 

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